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Reception - China

Welcome to China class. We are in Reception and our teacher is Mrs Barber. Mrs Fletcher,Mrs Waupotitsch  and Mrs Riccobena are our Teaching Assistants. We enjoy learning through play and using our outdoor classroom.

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    We have been having lots of fun learning at home in Reception. Lots of our learning is hands-on, sometimes linked to topics. Some of the work you see here is linked to a week on ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ but our topics have also included ‘seasons’ and ‘special people.’ It has been lovely to see all the different places around Wymondham which families visit on their daily walks. Children have been spending lots of time exploring the world around them and have taken their learning in their own directions- examining bugs, growing plants, making puppet shows or carrying out exciting science experiments!
    Mrs Barber, Mrs Waupotitsch, Mrs Fletcher and Mrs Riccobena have missed the children lots but seeing their work on Tapestry has kept us close together.
    Stay safe and well x



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    World Book Day

    We've been celebrating World Book Day!

    The children all dressed up - thank you to all the parents 🙂 and we enjoyed talking about and sharing our favourite stories. We had a special assembly to see all the other adults and children together. We also made bookmarks and drew pictures of our favourite characters.




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    This week we have been joining in with our first lessons on 'My Feelings' from our new RSE resource. Before the lessons we worked hard together as a class to come up with our 'Working Agreements' which include keeping the conversation in the room and not using other children's names.

    We had lots of fun taking part in the activities which include naming, describing, acting out and thinking of ways to manage our feelings in Reception 


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    We've started some learning around relationships, which builds on everything we've learned about feelings this year. Today we looked at some different faces and gave each feeling a name - e.g. 'excited' 'pleased' 'upset' 'worried', etc. We sorted them into two groups - comfortable and uncomfortable - the children use these words in our PATHS lessons already. Using 'comfortable' and 'uncomfortable' help children learn that all feelings are ok.

    We had lots of fun showing the different feelings with our faces and bodies. After this we thought of different things we can do to turn around an uncomfortable feeling into a comfortable one. The children had some great ideas - 'If you feel sad you can ask your mummy for a kiss and a cuddle.' 'If you feel angry you can breathe.' 'If you're upset you can do turtle.' Someone very thoughtful even said that if they saw a friend who looked cross that they would 'Ask if they are ok, and if they needed any help.'
    We're looking forwards to the next lesson when we will be making and naming our own feelings faces to display in class.

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    Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

    We've been making the most of the good weather in between the bad and getting outside as much as we can if it is safe to do so.
    The children have been making the most of the slopes in our outdoor classroom to expand their repertoire of movements: They began by rolling down the slope which was in itself very enjoyable. Mrs B looked at the movements they were using and modelled how to improve them: showing them how when they are rolling in a stretched position that extending their arms into a pencil roll will make them go further. (There is thankfully no video available for this!) They also began curling into a ball so we looked at tuck rolls too. Lots of children were inspired to join in and it was brilliant fun!




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