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Reception - China

Welcome to China class. We are in Reception and our teacher is Mrs Barber. Mrs Fletcher and Mrs Waupotitsch are our Teaching Assistants. We enjoy learning through play and using our outdoor classroom.

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    This week in China we have been talking about fireworks and have drawn pictures on our huge touch screen. The children talked about the sounds the fireworks make and wrote the words next to their pictures. They all did really well changing the pen colours. It was lots of fun.



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    Bollywood comes to Browick

    We are really grateful to ‘Jaya Dance’ who dressed us in traditional Hindu dress and taught us a Bollywood dance routine. The children had a really fun and active time learning and performing their dance.



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    Welcome Back

    We have had lots of fun settling in to our new class and routines. We have spent lots of time investigating all the equipment and play things and are thoroughly enjoying ourselves. We will keep you posted with all the exciting things we get up to...

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    Arts Week


    This week is Arts week and we have been looking at the artworks by Damien Hirst currently on display at Houghton Hall. We also read 'The Dot' by Peter Reynolds which is all about being confident and proud of your own artworks.The children thought of lots of different ways of creating dots. Here are two of their ideas:
    They have learned how to roll, join and cut clay. Then they they used circular templates, pegs and beads to shape, stamp and pierce the clay. they also joined citcular spots on top.
    They also used weaving skills to weave a large circular dots.

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    Creative Writing

    We use as many opportunities as we can to write all the time in reception. In the classroom we’ve been doing guided writing. The children work together and use sounds as much as they can to write words. If they’re not sure, they have been using the letter mats to find out how to write the sounds they need. This piece was a postcard they wrote after half term to say what they have been doing in the holidays.

    Outside writing examples include writing lists of whose turn it is to act stories out on the stage, but they often write mud kitchen menus, signs and other labels too.

    Our creative writing is ‘Helicopter stories’ which gives the children the chance to be an author to their own stories. They tell their story to an adult, who scribes it exactly, then we act out together in a group. Here are some children in our role play area illustrating the stories they have just told, then acting them out for the class. We include objects like gates, houses and so on when retelling and ask questions such as ‘How would the gate move open? How does the dog walk?’ The children have loved telling their stories as well as acting them and are beginning to use story language too. Some children even go home and tell their own stories too!












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