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Welcome to China class. We are in Reception and our teacher is Mrs Barber. Mrs Fletcher and Mrs Waupotitsch are our Teaching Assistants. We enjoy learning through play and using our outdoor classroom.

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    Munch Bunch and Our Senses

    This week we had our Munch Bunch workshop and grown-ups were invited to join us. We made salad pictures together. We had to cut up the vegetables we wanted to use and had lots of fun trying delicious new things! Thanks to the Friends for organising and running the workshop. 




    Outside we have been exploring using our senses. Some children have been very interested in collecting and observing minibeasts, including some snails which we kept inside in a small tank for a day or two. We have enjoyed using our new water equipment, given to us by the Friends, to make potions. They smelled delicious and recipes included rosemary, lavender and lemon balm.




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    World Dance day

    For world dance day we enjoyed choosing our favourite songs and making up dance moves together. We practised copying our partners and Mrs Purvis taught us all some new moves. It was great fun!


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    We have been practising measuring and comparing the height and capacity of objects, themed around the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. We have used different containers, including the ones the Friends bought for us for having the most helpers at the Christmas fair. We learned that the tallest containers don’t always hold the most. We compared how much they hold by tipping the contents into a jug to see how high the water comes up the side. We compared the height of objects and measured using different things such as cubes or bricks, which all had to be the same size to make it fair.

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    We have enjoyed using the iPads this term. We have used Apple TV to look at photos of the things we have been learning about in class, like when we went on our walk to the postbox, and photos of our science week activities.

    We learned how to look for photos of animals that live in cold places using Google safe search. We practised saving them onto the ipads.

    We have enjoyed using keynote to write information about animals that live in cold places. We worked in groups to choose an animal, then used books to find out facts about them. Then we used keynote to write our sentences, one page per group. We especially enjoyed using the effects to bring the writing onto the page. Our favourite was ‘dazzle’ which reminded us of a snowstorm.


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    Our Week

    In music this week have been practising using untuned instruments - glockenspiels and chime bells - to play ‘G’ in time to the tune of Old Macdonald. It’s really tricky! 



    In PE we have been taking a trip to space. We have been practising balance skills and two- legged jumps as well as learning how to roll moon rocks to each other.





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