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Wymondham’s local schools are working together to provide emergency childcare over the Easter holidays for the children of approved key workers who are involved in the front-line response to the Covid 19 crisis.

Places have been arranged for eligible Browick Road children at Robert Kett Primary School’s ‘Extra Time’ club. If, during the holiday, you need to contact the childcare service (ie shift changes for emergency workers or redeployment that means you now need urgent access) please call the Robert Kett Primary School office on 01953 603405 or email




Last updated: 01-Apr-2020 12:50 PM


Gym Year 1- Wednesday- Run by Heidi- 8.-8.30am- Italy Class/Hall

Gym- Year 2 and 3- Monday- Run by Heidi- 8-8.30pm- Mexico Class/Hall

Gym- Year 4,5 and 6- Tuesday- Run by Heidi- 8-8.8.30am- Sweden Class/Hall

Yarn Club KS2- Wednesday- Run by Mrs. Fortescue- 12.30-1pm- Sweden Class 

Mindfulness Colouring KS2- Wednesday- Mrs Peel- 12.30-1pm- Spain Class

Sewing Year 6- Tuesday- Mrs. Wilson- 12.30-1pm- Mexico Class

Lego Club Year 2- Tuesday- Mrs. Long and Mr. Rackham- 12.30-1pm- Library

Lego PP- Monday- Mrs. Long and Mr Rackham- 12.30-1pm- Library

Yoga KS1- Thursday- Miss. Robertson and Mrs. Taylor- 3.15-4pm- Sweden Class

Sign-Along KS1- Monday- Mrs. Peachment- 3.15-4pm- India Class

Dance Club Year 1,2 and 3- The Garage- 3.15-4.15pm- Mexico Class/Hall

Pyjama Drama KS1- Wednesday- Paul Goldsmith- 3.15-4.15pm- Hall

Tennis KS1- Tuesday- Kerry- 3.15-4.05pm- France Class/ Playground

Chinese Club Year1-6- Tuesday- Hong- 3.15-4pm- Spain Class

Outdoor Adventure Year 2-6- Monday- Mr. Rackham- 3.15-4.15pm- India Class/ Field

Football KS1- Thursday- CSF- 3.15-4.15pm- India Class/ Field

Football KS2- Wednesday- CSF- 3.15-4.15pm- China Class/ Field

Creative Writing KS2- Wednesday- Bel- 3.15-4.15pm- Italy Class

High Five Netball KS2- Monday- CSF- 3.15-4.15pm- Italy Class/ Playground

Glo Popkidz KS2- Friday- Anita Camplin- 3.15-4.15pm- Sweden Class/ Hall

Choir KS2- Thursday and Friday- Miss. Walker- 12.30-1pm- Spain Class

Tae Kwon Do Year1-6- Friday- Chris Hemstock- 3.15-4.30pm- China Class

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