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Welcome to Denmark class. We are the LDC (the Specialist Resource Base for Speech & Language) and our teachers are Mrs King and Mrs Street. Mrs Brown and Mrs Riccobena are our Teaching Assistants.

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    This half term we have enjoyed being 'artists'. Firstly, we looked carefully in a mirror and practiced our colour mixing skills to create our very own self-portraits. We then learnt all about the artist 'Picasso'. Picasso liked to make his art look a little different! This time, we used different shapes and coloured pens to create more of an abstract self-portrait. We used our designs to create a clay portrait. We learnt how to cut clay shapes out and how to use slip to stick pieces of clay together. We used different tools to create shapes and indentations in our clay. Once our clay had dried, we looked back at our designs to decide what bright colours we could use.

    This project was so much fun! Come and see our classroom display!





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    Peace At Last

    This month we have had great fun learning all about the story 'Peace at Last' by Jill Murphy. We have retold the story in lots of different ways. Our favourite has been using drama to act out the story with all of the class joining in to make the learning fun. Poor old Mr Bear got no sleep at all!

    Maybe you could ask us about the story and we would be more than happy to tell you it!


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    Welcome Back


    We were delighted to see Denmark class today and have enjoyed hearing all about their summer holidays. Many adventures were had. It is going to be a fun year with lots of exciting learning taking place and we look forward to sharing it with you in our blog.

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    Summer Holidays

    Its very nearly our last day at school. We have all had a fun filled year and are all looking forward to a sunny, relaxed summer holiday.

    See you in September!

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    Every year we always have lots of fun camping on the field! We have to pitch the tent and hammer in the pegs to make it nice and secure. We then unfolded the picnic rugs so we had somewhere to sit. We looked at different postcards and we designed our own. We then wrote a little message to our home and bought a stamp. We read stories inside the tent and had our snack on the picnic rugs too!



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