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Year 2 - France

Welcome to France class. We are in Year 2 and our teacher is Mr Bamford. Mrs Peel and Mrs Philpott are our Teaching Assistants.

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    Hey Ewe

    We have been having a very busy and productive December, with lots of practising for our Christmas play. The children have been working really hard and those that have had lines, dance moves, songs, instrumental parts to learn have done brilliantly. We hope everybody enjoys/enjoyed the play as we much as we have enjoyed rehearsing for it.




    In Maths, the children have been learning all about money. They have made different amounts of money using coins and are practising giving change by taking away. Here is a little example of what they have been up to.


    We have been learning about William Morris in art and the children have produced some beautiful calendars which they will bringing home soon. The process involved sketching a repeating nature pattern in their sketch books before transferring this onto Styrofoam, which they then used to print onto paper.



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    The Squirrels Who Squabbled

    Thanks to everybody who came along to read ‘The squirrels who squabbled’ with us on Tuesday afternoon. These afternoons are a great opportunity to share a tiny bit of what the children have been learning to do in their English and Spelling lessons, but also an opportunity to show off a bit of their creativity. There’s lots of skills involved in these crafty activities, such as choosing their materials, colours and cutting (thanks to adults who helped with those tight corners). The squirrels the children produced looked really vibrant, interesting and colourful and I hope they enjoyed making them and taking them home.

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    Science and sketch books

    We have been busy using our new sketch books to help us in our cross-curricular learning about animals and habitats. The children have chosen an animal to observe and sketch which they will develop a habitat around exploring appropriate hot and cold colours.

    Last week we were learning about different life processes and how we can tell living from dead and from never living things (with an interesting discussion about robots and cakes). They learnt some new words through the vehicle of MRS GREN, a character they designed themselves to help them remember the basic life processes (Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Growth, Reproduction, Excretion and Nutrition.)

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    Trip to the Synagogue

    France class enjoyed a trip to Norwich Synagogue last Thursday. We are very lucky as this is the only Synagogue in Norfolk and proved to be a great place to learn all about Jewish traditions and worship. All the children listened really well and joined in with enthusiasm. Below you can see some of the things the children got up to such as trying on the Kippah and Tallit (traditionally worn by men in the Synagogue, but they bent the rules for us), a game using a Dreidel that is played on Shabbat (the day of rest), trying some Challah bread and wine (grape juice), seeing the Torah scrolls kept in the ark (the children learnt some great facts about these…), and some Yads we made back in the classroom that are used for Torah reading. A trip is never complete without a sing song – this one was all about a Dreidel. Thanks to Poppy and the team at the Synagogue for the experience.


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    Performing poetry and delving into the chilly South Pole


    We hope everybody had a fabulous half term – it was great to see the children come in so enthusiastically yesterday and ready to learn.

    Before half term they were hard at work learning some poetry. They did a great job of reciting, rehearsing and coming up with actions for a verse of ‘The Bug Chant’ in small groups. They then bravely performed together in front of the rest of the class, and all of that in just 1 lesson! Here is one of the groups:

    In our topic learning, the children have been learning about different climates around the world and the types of weather you might get there. We zoomed in on Antarctica and tried to imagine how cold it was by looking at animals, how they survive there, what scientists do there and the kind of things you’d need to take with you on an expedition. We built this display together by making lots of animals and scientific drawings:

    The children have also been making progress with their yoga skills by learning different poses and stretches and learning to find balance and calm:


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