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Year 2 - France

Welcome to France class. We are in Year 2 and our teacher is Mr Bamford. Mrs Peel and Mrs Rix are our Teaching Assistants.

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    Division, drama and discovery!

    We’ve been using physical objects (bears, counters and cubes) to help us find solutions to division problems these past two weeks. Here is just one lesson when the children were first introduced to grouping and the division symbol:




    In English, we have started exploring Julia Donaldson and her work and what makes her stories so special to so many people. This week we will be exploring the books through drama and describing the characters. We briefly looked at her website, and if the children want to find out more, here is a link:

    In topic we are diving into history and learning about some of the great explorers. This week, it’s Captain Robert Falcon Scott and his expedition to Antarctica. The children have been debating whether it was good idea to take the risk of going to the South Pole!


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    “SWAF!! What’s SWAF!?” I hear you ask…


    Shelter, Water, Air and Food! The four fundamental things that all living things need to survive (even plants). France class have been busy researching on the computers and ipads like university undergraduates to discover what their chosen animal likes to eat, and where it likes to sleep, before deciding whether they are a carnivore, herbivore or an omnivore. We talked about simple food-chains and where their animals fit on that chain.

    In English, we have started our topic on stories by the same author. The children have brought in a fantastic selection of their favourite books and authors so we can explore and compare the different styles of writing and text. As the term progresses, we will get to know the writing of the prolific Julia Donaldson really well so we can become excellent story writers too.

    In maths we are looking at division by sharing and grouping and seeing the link with multiplication. We have also been practising our times tables lots and counting in 2s, 5s & 10s to help us with these.

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    Busy Busy

    A lot of our time in these last few weeks has been spent learning lines, songs and practising for our Christmas play, “The Inn-spectors”. Hopefully those of you who come to see the play enjoy it as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together! They’ve all been brilliant.

    Amidst all the fun of rehearsing, we have been learning lots too. In Maths the children have been working together and trying to solve multiplication questions and problems using concrete (objects), pictorial (pictures) and the abstract (numbers) methods. As you can see in the pictures, they are becoming very adept at grouping into equal amounts to solve questions.

    In English, we have been following and then writing instructions to make our very own Christmas crackers complete with jokes and toys (unfortunately no paper hats). These will be brought back in time to share for Christmas, but for now they look great under our class Christmas tree.


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    Getting ready for Christmas

    We are getting very excited with the build up to Christmas. We are busy practising our play ready to perform to all our grown ups. We have been reading and following instructions to make a Christmas cracker and then wrote some of our own instructions.

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    We have been thinking about kindness in France class this week as it has been Anti-Bullying week. We have videoed some of our thoughts about kindness...




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