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Year 2 - France

Welcome to France class. We are in Year 2 and our teacher is Mr Bamford. Mrs Peel and Mrs Philpott are our Teaching Assistants.

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    2020 is in full swing

    France class have been swinging into the new year with their racquets in hand thanks to Sam Howlett and his tennis taster which he took with the class on Monday afternoon. The children enjoyed the session and will hopefully be keen to pick up a racquet in the future. You never know, we might have the next Andy Murray or Johanna Konta in our ranks… Sam works with Hingham tennis and runs lots of clubs and camps for all age groups if any of the children are interested.

    In topic the children have been learning about another one of the world’s major religions, Sikhism. They learnt about the “5 Ks” of Sikhism and had the opportunity to see some of the objects that are extremely important to Sikh people. These are the Kirpan (a sword to remind them to protect against oppression), Kara (a small bangle that represent God’s having no beginning or end), Kesh (means hair – Sikh people never cut theirs), Khanga (comb as a reminder to keep their hair and lives tidy) and Kachera (undergarment). They then learnt about and sketched the Khanda, the badge or symbol that represents the Sikh religion, and then designed their own badge that symbolises the things that are important to them.

    In English this term, we are looking at different stories and in particular, stories by the same author. The children should be exposed to as many different books as possible so they can experience all sorts of stories and we will be exploring and writing some of our own in the near future.

    We are working through multiplication and division at the moment in Maths and getting more and more confident by the lesson. They have also been practising their problem solving by building a multilink chair and table for one of the 3 bears, scaling up depending on whether it is mum, dad or the baby…

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    Happy New Year

    We are looking forward to spring term in France class. There is lots to learn about and some exciting things will be happening including an extra special music concert in March (details to be revealed soon…)

    This half-term, the children will be immersing themselves in lots of stories and fictional writing. We would love them to start thinking about stories they particularly enjoy and will be asking them to share their favourite book next week.

    In Maths, we are continuing to learn about multiplication and division (2, 5 & 10 times tables) before we move on to collecting data, making graphs and thinking about shapes.

    Our topic learning will see us discovering Sikhism, food chains and learning about real historical explorers! We will also be cooking, coding and making some cinema…

    We would encourage all the children to extend themselves if they have anything they find particularly interesting and we always love to see things they’ve made, researched or written about at home if it’s linked to our learning in class!









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    The Christmas Story and Holiday Wishes

    On Friday, France class visited the local Hope Church to learn all about the origin story of Christmas. There was some singing, dancing, craft activities and learning some interesting facts such as why there may have been more or less than 3 wise men. Thanks to Hope Church for accommodating the children, I think they all had a nice time.

    We in France class thank all the children for working hard this term and hope everybody has a very jolly and ‘restful’ holiday with friends and family.


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    Hey Ewe

    We have been having a very busy and productive December, with lots of practising for our Christmas play. The children have been working really hard and those that have had lines, dance moves, songs, instrumental parts to learn have done brilliantly. We hope everybody enjoys/enjoyed the play as we much as we have enjoyed rehearsing for it.




    In Maths, the children have been learning all about money. They have made different amounts of money using coins and are practising giving change by taking away. Here is a little example of what they have been up to.


    We have been learning about William Morris in art and the children have produced some beautiful calendars which they will bringing home soon. The process involved sketching a repeating nature pattern in their sketch books before transferring this onto Styrofoam, which they then used to print onto paper.



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    The Squirrels Who Squabbled

    Thanks to everybody who came along to read ‘The squirrels who squabbled’ with us on Tuesday afternoon. These afternoons are a great opportunity to share a tiny bit of what the children have been learning to do in their English and Spelling lessons, but also an opportunity to show off a bit of their creativity. There’s lots of skills involved in these crafty activities, such as choosing their materials, colours and cutting (thanks to adults who helped with those tight corners). The squirrels the children produced looked really vibrant, interesting and colourful and I hope they enjoyed making them and taking them home.

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