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Year 1 - India

Welcome to India class. We are in Year 1 and our teachers are Mrs Lilley and Mrs Peachment. Mrs Long and Mr Rackham are our Teaching Assistant. We’ll be learning through lots of exciting topics!

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    Munch Bunch

    On Monday Munch bunch came in to school and introduced us to some of the foods associated with India. Lots of parents came along to help and we had a great time making chapatis and dips. After all the hard work making them we tasted them and they were lovely. Thank you very much to Munch Bunch

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    Animals and their Habitats

    In science we learnt about lots of different animals and where they live, In art we chose an animal to draw and then made it into a collage using a range of materials. They are all displayed in our classroom.

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    Our Tree

    This is the lovely tree we have chosen to study throughout year 1. We will take photographs and write about it regularly as the seasons pass. In our seasonal diaries we also write about the weather and how many hours of daylight we have throughout the different seasons. We first went to look at it when we came back to school in September.

    Already we have noticed that the leaves are turning yellow, some have fallen off the tree. We have also noticed that it has began to get dark earlier and it is a lot colder than when we started school in September.


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    Baking with the Little Red Hen


    We are reading traditional tales in our class at the moment. Last week we listened to the story of the Little Red Hen and had fun joining in with the reading. We then we helped the Little Red Hen to bake some bread. It smelt delicious and tasted just as good!




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    Mindfulness and Maths Cafe

    This week Year 1 have taken part in their first ‘mindfulness’ activity. After spending 5 minutes focusing on our breathing, while listening to calming music, we worked in groups to create a ‘mindfulness picture.’ We had to work in silence and used a variety of materials to produce a picture within a circle shape. The children were great at this activity and reported that they really enjoyed it. Some children said the activity made them feel happy, others said it made them feel calm and relaxed. We will definitely be doing this activity again.

    On Tuesday 24th September we invited our parents to join us in the hall for our Maths Café. The café was very well attended. We used pipe cleaners to make numbers then read the story called ‘One is a Snail, 10 is a crab’. The children used the characters from the story to explore number sentences. Everyone worked very hard.









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