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Year 1 - India

Welcome to India class. We are in Year 1 and our teacher is Mrs Lilley. Mrs Wilson is our Teaching Assistant. We’ll be learning through lots of exciting topics!

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    We have continued looking at poems this week and have learnt about alliteration by watching and reading some poems called tongue twisters. We heard a poem called Betty Botty and had a go together;

    Betty Botter bought some butter,
    But, she said, this butter's bitter;
    If I put it in my batter,
    It will make my batter bitter,
    But a bit of better butter
    Will make my batter better.
    So she bought a bit of butter
    Better than her bitter butter
    And she put it in her batter,
    And it made her batter better,
    So 'twas better Betty Botter
    Bought a bit of better butter.

    Then we read a poem called Peter Piper and had a go at performing it to each other. (Sorry they are all on the side!)


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    In India today we started looking at poetry. Some of us came up and recited some poems that we know, we heard Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Humpty Dumpty and Baa Baa Black Sheep. We also learnt a poem with a partner called A Sailor Went to Sea which we performed to each other. It was fun to add the actions to the poem.


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    If you have been in any of the classrooms recently you may have seen this wheel displayed somewhere.

    The children and staff have been using the Balance wheel to assess how well they are doing with their learning. It can be used at the start of lesson so the children can show where they feel they currently are with a topic and again at the end so they can see how far they have progressed with their learning. The adults working with the children are also able to use the wheel to show where they think the children are.


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    Reading Cafe

    At our reading cafe, we read Harry and the Dinosaurs and looked at segmenting and blending words.  After we had read the book we made a Robot.  Lots of parents came and we all had a really lovely time!







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    A New Term

    We have all been working really hard in India class and the new term is flying's nearly half term already. We have read lots of Traditional tales and we are thoroughly enjoying them. We have had puppets to retell the stories, we've been listening to stories on the CD player, we've been making the Three Little Pigs houses and pig and wolf masks....GREAT FUN!

    We have also had the sorting rings out and have been using the sorting animals.

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