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Year 4 - Italy

Welcome to Italy class. We are in Year 4 and our teacher is Miss Wild. Miss Maxam and Mrs Fortescue are our Teaching Assistants.

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    Roman Chariots

    At last the Roman Chariots are finished and this week we have been evaluating them. We compared them to pictures of chariots on the Internet to see how they were similar and different and also to our designs in our books to compare our original idea with our finished product. We thought about what worked well and how we could improve our models if we were to make them again.






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    Designing Chariots

    Continuing with the Roman theme, we have started to design and make a Roman Chariot. We measured and marked our wood before using the hack saws to cut lengths to construct the base of our chariot. We used right angled triangles to strengthen the corners and will add sides to complete our model.







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    Roman Bread

    As our topic this term has been the Romans, we finished the term by baking some Roman bread. We measured the ingredients and kneaded the dough and then shaped it before leaving it to rise in a warm place (by the staff room radiators!)

    We enjoyed the loaves with some grapes. They were very tasty.







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    In maths this week we have been multiplying by 10 and 100 and dividing by 10. We have been looking at what happens to the digits when we multiply or divide by 10 and 100. We used children and we used place value charts and counters to model how the digits move and we discovered that when we multiply by 10 the digits move one place to the left and a zero is used in the ones column as a place holder and when we multiply by 100 the digits move two places to the left and a zero is used in the ones and tens column as a place holder.

    When a multiple of ten is divided by 10 we discovered that the digits move one place to the right and the zero is removed.

    Can you work these ones out?








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    Ear Defenders

    In Science and technology we have designed and tested some ear defenders.
















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