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Year 4 - Italy

Welcome to Italy class. We are in Year 4 and our teacher is Miss Wild. Miss Maxam, Mrs Fortescue and Miss Steedman are our Teaching Assistants.

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    A few pictures from the Year 4 residential so far!


















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    Measuring Temperatures

    Our topic in science at the moment is States of Matter and we have been thinking about different states: solids, liquids and gases. This week we had some different coloured ice cubes and had to predict what would happen to them over the afternoon. We observed them melting and turning into water. The different coloured waters mixed together. We also used the thermometers to record the temperatures of iced water, tap water and hot water over a period of time.






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    Munch Bunch

    Yesterday Munch Bunch came in to school and we looked at different foods from Italy. We all had a chance to test some different foods, including basil, anchovies, mozzarella and parmesan cheese, breadsticks and olives. It turns out that lots of us like breadsticks and not so many like anchovies! We also had a pasta quiz where we had to guess the names of the different pasta shapes. The best part of the morning was PIZZA MAKING! We rolled out our dough bases and made a garlic and basil pizza sauce then chose our favourite toppings. It was a great morning 

    Making Pizza


    Pasta Quiz


    Food Tasting

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    Investigating Gases

    We have been learning about gases and did an experiment to show how air fills in the gaps between the solids. We poured water into cups containing different solids and watched to see what happens. We observed air bubbles rising to the top as the water filled in the spaces. We noticed that the bigger the gaps between the solids, such as in the pot of marbles, the bigger the air bubbles. 

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    We have been looking at rivers and finding out about some of the major rivers around the world. We have also looked at some of the features of rivers and learnt lots of new vocabulary. To show our knowledge of rivers we have made a 3D model of the river's course.









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