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Wymondham’s local schools are working together to provide emergency childcare over the Easter holidays for the children of approved key workers who are involved in the front-line response to the Covid 19 crisis.

Places have been arranged for eligible Browick Road children at Robert Kett Primary School’s ‘Extra Time’ club. If, during the holiday, you need to contact the childcare service (ie shift changes for emergency workers or redeployment that means you now need urgent access) please call the Robert Kett Primary School office on 01953 603405 or email




Last updated: 01-Apr-2020 12:50 PM

Year 3 - Mexico

Welcome to Mexico class. Mrs Taylor is our teacher.  Mrs Wilson and Miss Maxam are our teaching assistants.

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    Week 4 Bean Pictures

    Dear Mexico Class - Happy Easter holidays! I hope that you are all well and staying safe. This is not exactly homework (you can have a look at the photos after your Easter break if you wish!), but I thought I would update you with the following, seeing as we started the investigation a while ago:

    I have attached the final week (week 4) pictures of our science investigation. Have a look carefully at what has happened, and think about why.
    If you can, fill out the observations in your home learning log or on the sheet attached to the class blog from last week (week 3).
    Why do you think the bean with no water did not grow as tall as pot number one?
    Why did the bean that was not watered grow at all? Why do you think this is?
    Why did the plant in the dark grow at all? What did you notice about the colour?
    What have you found out about plants?




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    Bean diary and observations

    Year 3 Scientists!

    I have taken photos of our beans for this week for you to look at. Although your observation sheets are in your science books at school, you can carry on with Week 3 updates for pots 1, 2, 3 & 4. Look closely at the photos and plants. What has happened to the plants? Look at the shape, length and colour and think about why you think this has happened. Write a description of each pot, and draw a detailed picture.

    Remember that Pot 1 is our control with:light, soil and water.
    • Pot 2 has light, soil and no water
    • Pot 3 has light, water and no soil
    • Pot 4 soil, water and no light
    • I have kept the test fair, and given the pots the same amount of water.

    I am attaching the science observation sheet if you want to print and fill it out.

    Continue at week 3 if you do this.

    Happy investigating!

    Mrs Taylor

    Click here for the Science Observation sheet to print out

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    Munch Bunch

    This week the children have been thinking about the food and culture of Mexico.

    The children were adventurous and taste tested all of the following foods:

    Lime, coriander, jalapeno peppers (hot ones!!!), sour cream, tortillas, avocado, dark chocolate and pumpkin seeds.The chocolate and chillies proved very popular!

    In the kitchen, the children tried their hand at cooking refried bean quesadillas and everyone enjoyed their creations.

    Children then looked at the art of Frida Kahlo and Mexican art based around the Day of the Dead (and the film Coco).They then created a pot decoration to wrap around their newly planted chilli seed which they will take home to grow – this links into our learning about Plants.Good luck growing your plants.Let us know if you manage to taste any successfully grown chillies!




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    Celery Test

    During Science Week we have been carrying out an investigation into how we think water might be transported in plants.

    The children decided to test this idea by placing sticks of celery into water that had had food dye added to it.We made predictions about the test, and are waiting to see what happens!

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    Zoolab came to visit us this week with some interesting guests!They included a rare gecko called Honey, a rat called Princess Katy, a cockroach called Jarvis and a corn snake!

    We learnt about animal diet, camouflage, behaviour and habitat.

    The children also brought in a soft toy animal to recognise the threat that wild animals now face with challenges of pollution, climate change and loss of habitat.



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