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Year 3 - Mexico

Welcome to Mexico class. Mrs Taylor is our teacher.  Mrs Wilson and Mrs Wade are our teaching assistants.

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    End of Term!

    Goodbye Mexico class. We all hope you have a lovely summer holiday and enjoy Year 3...wherever that may be.

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    Arts Week

    During Arts Week an artist called Sandra Rowney came into school to work on a collaborative piece of art with all the classes in Year 2, 3 and 4

    In Year 2 we created colourful laminates using tissue paper, magazines and newspapers. These were passed on to Year 3 who cut out lots of different shapes and finally in Year 4 the shapes were assembled into large minibeast style creatures.

    Sandra then displayed them on a specially made structure in the wildlife garden.


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    Nature Walk

    During Arts Week AtoBetter came into school and took Mexico out for a nature walk around Wymondham. It was a really hot day and we were joined along the way by many flying insects, not all of them were very welcome! We spent the time while we out looking at nature around us and noticing as many living things as we could find, growing, crawling or flying.


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    The Time and Tide Museum


    On Tuesday all of Year 2 went to the Time and Tide Museum in Great Yarmouth...a little bit late after we got stuck in traffic! We found out about the history of Great Yarmouth and seaside life in the past. Throughout the day we visited different areas of the museum and discovered lots of interesting things. We went to a guest house where Gladys showed us some of the clothes people wore when they went out dancing. We got to dress up and learnt some dance steps. We looked at how the Victorians spent their time at the seaside. We put on some Victorian bathing costumes, then had a go at promenading with parasols and walking canes. The best bit though was the hokey pokey...what the Victorians called ice creams. They got their ice cream in a glass cone called a penny lick...and the cone got reused...without being washed! We watched the automata and looked through the mutoscope.

    Great Yarmouth was once one of the biggest ports for herring fishing and we learnt all about the herring industry in the area. We met a fisher girl who showed us one of the more unpleasant parts of her job...gutting the herrings! We timed her and it took about 11 seconds for her to gut one fish. In the past the girls were able to gut up to 60 fish in one minute!! We also saw how they hung the herrings on a long pole called a streat in the smoke house where the fish were smoked. The smoke house still smells strongly of the smoked fish and this is the original smell from back when the museum was a working factory.

    It was a fantastic trip and we all learnt so much.


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    Healthy Eating

    This week we have been thinking about healthy eating and what different types of food we need to keep our bodies working well. We looked the healthy plate and the different groups of food on it. We know that we should be eating most of the foods in the largest sections and just small amounts of the foods in the smaller sections (although some of us thought this was easier said than done!)

    We drew our own healthy plates with some of the foods that we enjoy on them. What would be on your plate?








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