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Year 3 - Mexico

Welcome to Mexico class. Mrs Taylor is our teacher.  Mrs Wilson and Miss Maxam are our teaching assistants.

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    Our Class Assembly

    We have worked very hard on our assembly, putting together a presentation of the work of which we are most proud.There was a lot to choose from over a busy Autumn Term, but we decided on:

    Greek pots and evidence, myths, poems, Gods and Goddesses.

    We also looked at column addition, mindlfulness and yoga.

    Everyone spoke well and presented their work with pride.Our technical directors, Jacob and Hartley, did a fantastic job showing images on Apple TV.

    Well done, everyone!



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    Mexico class had lots of fun spending the night away from home at our School Sleepover.

    After handing in sponsorship forms, the children set up their beds in allocated ‘dorms’ and said goodbye to their grow ups.

    A delicious meal was prepared by our kitchen staff (thank you!) and served by the adults.Then there was lots of fun playing our ‘Pudsey Beetle Run’ game which created lots of excitement.

    After this the children had hot chocolate, a Pudsey biscuit and settled down to watch some Children In Need.

    Then it was time to clean teeth, have a story and get cosy into bed.

    Everyone was well behaved and slept.

    In the morning there was toast and juice before parents came to collect.

    Lots of fun was had by all, although the Year 3 class looked a little sleepy on Monday morning!


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    Greek Myths and Multiplication!

    In our café the children heard about the Myth of Arachne. She was an expert weaver and spinner who boasted that her skills were better than those of the Gods.Goddess Athene was angered by this, and as punishment for her claims, she turned Arachne into the first spider.

    She now spins beautiful webs in spider form.

    We linked our knowledge of spiders to our 8 x tables learning.Firstly, the children made spiders and counted the legs.They then counted groups of spiders e.g. 3 spiders would be 3 x 8 legs.3 x 8 = 24 legs altogether.After that they were introduced to a new app on Pixl to help with multiplication knowledge.











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    Greek Mythology

    This half term we have been continuing with our learning about Ancient Greece.

    We are now enjoying finding out about Greek Gods and Goddesses, and Greek Myths.

    This week the children have learned about Theseus and the Minotaur.We have explored character and predicted outcomes, and acted out the myth in small drama groups.We hope that you enjoy their performances!


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    Sketch Books

    This week Year 3 have been experimenting with mixed media to recreate an Ancient Greek pot.In the weeks leading up to this, the children have been making careful observational drawings, using different sketching and shading techniques, and been thinking about colour choices.

    They have created a ‘swatch’ double page in their sketch books using media including: paint, collage, pastels, oil crayons, sketching pencils and soft colouring pencils.Each child created the same pot three times, but using different materials to see how different or similar they looked.Everyone had different ideas about which was their favourite medium to work with.

    We listened to some traditional Greek music too, to help us feel creative!

    The sketch books look lovely.Well done, Mexico class!












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