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    Use of iPads and the Keynote app in school.

    Speaking with children throughout the school, and looking at Pupil Voice feedback questionnaires, it is clear that everybody has really enjoyed learning new skills on the iPads through the use of Apple TV.Children have shown enthusiasm and increased confidence in using the tools that Keynote can offer as an app to present their written work.They have particularly enjoyed altering what they have written through formatting and animation tricks!

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    The Daily Mile

    First day using our new daily mile track!


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    BBC's 500 Words Competition is Back





    500 Words Competition

    Dear Parents,

    It is the time of year again for BBC Radio 2’s ‘500 Words’ Competition. As many of you will remember, last year we held an in-school competition to run alongside the national event, and we are repeating this this year.

    Children are invited to write a fictional story with a maximum of 500 words, which can be about anything they like. All stories must be typed and submitted online. Therefore, we would like this to be done at home, please. Your child’s story can be submitted quickly and easily on the website.

    We will be introducing the competition at school so that the children are aware of the rules and can watch some of the videos on the website for ideas.Due to the typing element and online submission, it would be easiest for children to work on their stories at home. However, if they would like to work on it at school during Creative Writing sessions, they will be allowed to do so and they can then take these books home over half term to type up their story.

    The deadline for story entries is Friday 8th March at 7pm. You do have to register first to submit the story, so we would suggest doing this well before the deadline.

    As well as entering the BBC competition, we will also hold our own in-school competition. Please print a copy of your child’s story and give it to your class teacher by Monday 11th March. The teachers will judge the stories and will award prizes for children in an assembly.

    Please visit the website for lots of ideas and information. There are videos to watch, examples of last year’s stories to read, FAQs and information for submitting entries.Search ‘BBC Radio 2 500 Words’ for more info!

    Entering the competition is optional, but we really hope that the children will be inspired to share their writing – and we look forward to reading them! Please note that the national competition is open to any children who will be 5 or older on 14th June 2019 – but of course we will be pleased to read anything from any younger Reception children who want to write something!

    If typing the stories, entering them online or printing at home causes a problem for anyone, please let your child’s teacher know.

    Many thanks and Good Luck!

    Miss Walker


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    KS2 Christmas performance song words


    The Christmas performances are fast approaching and the children have been busy practising! Here is the list of song words to practise at home!

    Christmas Eve

    Bah Humbug

    He was Jacob Marley

    Fezziwigs Shindig

    Glad to be a chimney sweep

    A toast!

    Dead and gone

    Sleep Tiny Tim

    Greetings of the season


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