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Year 5 - Spain

Welcome to Spain class. We are in Year 5 and our teacher is Miss Walker. Miss Adcock and Miss Maxam are our Teaching Assistants.

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    What a load of nonsense!

    This week, we have been working on nonsense poetry as our home learning for English. Here are some brilliant poems written by our class this week – you might even be able to tell which poems they were adapted from.

    It’s been great to see people keeping busy with a range of other activities too: Austin made a giant lever which helped him to lift up his brother, Jacob made a metal detector for finding Aztec treasure, Poppy enjoyed doing our Science investigation about water resistance and Peony made an Aztec recipe for corn chowder.

    Great work everyone! Looking forward to seeing you all soon.





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    More Home Learning

    Hi everyone!
    Thank you for all of the work that you've been sending in again over the past few weeks. I've been so impressed with the work and the ideas that you've had. There are too many to include them all - again - but below are a few examples.


    Everyone has been very busy working on the Aztecs in topic work. Work has included some fantastic shields and headdresses, maps, drawings and written work.


    The 'Design a brake' investigation was a success for most people and I received lots of photos of upside down bikes with people testing different materials on the wheels. Alice even designed the 'Brake-o-Sock' and wrote a lovely advert for it!


    It has also been really nice to see some fantastic writing going on. We have been working on suspense writing and coming up with creepy descriptions and spooky stories.
    Please keep sending your work in and look out for some more pictures going up soon!

    Alice's writing

    Alice's brake investigation

    Holly's Aztec Sunstone

    Imogen's Map

    Imogen's Aztec shield

    Poppy's Aztec shield

    Nalinee's Story writing

    Nalinee's Sunflower

    Rupert's writing





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    Learning at Home

    Hello everyone!

    I have loved receiving emails from so many of you over the past few weeks. It seems like you’ve all been keeping busy with work from the learning packs as well as your own activities, and I hope you’re enjoying being able to spend more time with your families too.

    The photos I’ve seen so far have included a range of subjects including English, Maths, Science, Topic, RE, Art and Computing; but also a huge mixture of other exciting things – baking, gardening, bike rides, running, making things indoors, making things outdoors, birthday parties, going on walks and playing games… and many more!

    There are far too many photos to post on here, so for now, here are some pictures I’ve been sent from your work on our topic on Ancient Maya:



    And here are some from our last Science unit about plants:



    Please keep up the emails – I love hearing from you all.

    Stay safe and have a great half term.


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    STEM Visitors

    This week we have been visited by engineers from a company based at Hethel called Connected Energy.We were shown how they use old car batteries to create larger batteries that are able to store electrical energy generated by clean sources like solar and wind power.

    This provided inspiration for the children when thinking about STEM subjects:Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, using these skills to help solve real life problems to help our planet.

    Thanks to Pete Beasley and Connected Energy:see for more details.

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    This week, we started the first of our new RSE lessons. This week was focusing on emotions and how these might change during puberty. We had fun drawing ‘emotional rollercoasters’ and thinking of different emotions that a person might feel at different times during their day or week.



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