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Year 6 - Sweden

Welcome to Sweden class. We are in Year 6 and our teacher is Miss Robertson. Mr Rackham is our Teaching Assistant.

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    The moment the sun comes out year 6 are playing rounders!

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    PE and Science


    This half term we have been developing our tennis skills with Ms Mooney. We played games in groups and practised scoring.


    We carried out an experiment to see if a lemon, bread roll or potato can act as a battery in an electrical circuit.

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    Electricity and Tennis (not at the same time)


    In science we have been building different circuits. The children had different challenges which they had to complete before they could make the next circuit.


    This half term we are developing our tennis skills. The children worked in pairs to rally the ball back and forth, using front and back hands. They’re beginning to keep their arm straight and grip it properly.



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    Keynote, Maths Cafe and Sunny Days

    Before half term we worked in groups to create a Keynote presentation on Ipads about 2 contrasting climates. We learned how to change slide transitions and add images to our presentations.





    To take advantage of the good weather, we played a comprehension game outside. The children had to read a text and answer a question about it. Once I had checked it was correct, they ran to the next question and answered that. This timed activity continued until all the questions were solved and a team had won. We had lots of fun and the class were very competitive!



    The winning team!


    Maths café

    On Wednesday 27th February we had our math café. As a starter we played decimal bingo (well done to our winners: Maksim and Lucy Re!) then the children had to make totals using different value cubes. Once they had made the total, they could build a dinosaur. Thank you to all the parents that attended, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

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    Which type of exercise has the greatest effect on our heart rate

    This week in science we have been planning an investigation to find out which exercise effects our heart rate the most. We tried skipping hurdling running and star jumps. We presented our work in a bar graph and looked at the results. we discovered that our results were varied. Can you think why this might be?




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