Welcome to Browick Road Primary and Nursery School

On behalf of all the children, staff, parents and governors I would like to welcome you to Browick Road Primary and Nursery School. I have a dedicated and hard-working team of staff at school, ensuring an excellent education for all your children.

We are extremely proud of our school and its long history in Wymondham. Many of our staff, parents and grandparents came to Browick and we are very much at the heart of the local community.

It is so important to us that your child is happy at school because a happy child is a child who will learn.

Pauline McMullan

Corrina Peachment
Deputy Headteacher

One School - One Community

  • Our school is a happy school.
  • Our school is at the heart of the community.
  • Everyone in our school is important and valued.
  • Everyone has a voice. We talk to each other and we listen.
  • We work together to support and help each other.
  • Everyone is encouraged to carry on learning


Our Target:

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Kaleidoscope Out of School Childcare is an independent facility based at the School.

Tel: 01953 603 061

Fax: 01953 603 061

School Administrator: Miss Paula Bilverstone
Email: office@browickroad.norfolk.sch.uk

SENCO: Corrina Peachment
Email: deputyhead@browickroad.norfolk.sch.uk