We’ve had a very busy last week of half term in Sweden Class!

In Maths, we have been revising how to multiply two 2-digit numbers using the column method and using this to solve problems.

We have been working on our character writing in English and have written some excellent diary entries based on WWII.In History, we learned about the Axis and Allies and enjoyed working together to match up facts about each country – and find them on a world map! And we also learned about how they used codes so we had a go at using the Pigpen code to write our own messages.

We also recapped Romero Britto’s style of artwork and created some pieces of art which will be given out to people at Christmas as part of a charity project.

And finally, Jess received a ‘Winner’ award for some engineering work completed as part of our Science learning last year! Well done Jess!

Well done everyone for a super start to Year 6. Enjoy the holiday!

India Class Science

In science we have been learning about animals and how we can sort them into different groups. In art we chose our favourite animal and drew it carefully. Then we used lots of different materials to make the drawing into a collage. We really enjoyed making these. They are all hanging up in our classroom for us to look at.

China Class Blog Wednesday 21st October

WELL DONE CHINA CLASS! We made it! What a half term this had been and I hope you don’t mind me being slightly gushy but we are incredibly proud of our class. They have risen to the challenge of settling in *brilliantly* even after a huge gap since last being in nursery. 

As we’ve watched them this week we have noticed how hard they are working to share, be kind, take turns, listen and  challenge themselves.  There have been lots of big little steps -putting on coats, wellies, doing zips, writing names, riding bikes, eating different fruits for the first time….

Today we had a circle time to talk about their favourite fruit and the listening, concentration and speaking was marvellous. All the children joined in and spoke in full sentences, using the joining word ‘because’ – this took so much confidence, we were amazed at how well they joined in.

The children are beginning to hear, say and write sounds in words for writing. We have written ‘sorry’ cards from Crab to Blob and Brush from ‘Sharing a Shell’.  In maths we have used language ‘more’ and ‘fewer’ to compare groups of objects. 

Overall – a brilliant start to reception. Thanks to all the parents for your support and for the feedback which supports their learning. Please keep adding to your child’s tapestry accounts and don’t forget the half term writing challenge. 

We hope you enjoy your half term break, children and parents alike. Stay safe and well and we will look forwards to seeing you on Monday 2nd November. Have a good rest. 

Best wishes – Mrs B and the Reception team 😊

Y4 Science / DT

This week we have been busy designing and making prototypes for ear defenders.  The children have been learning about ‘muffling’ and sound-proofing materials.  Based on their results from a previous investigation where we measured sound in decibels, they selected the most suitable materials to create their ear defenders.

They then tested them, and adapted their defenders to make any improvements.  It was lots of fun!

Whatever Next Drama Circle

We have been using our best acting skills to retell the story ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy.  We listened to the story and created a ‘story mountain’ plan before retelling the story as a group.  We decided to collect props to help us retell the story and we all took on a specific role.  We had to carefully listen to what happened previously to know when it was our turn.  This activity was a great way to practice our speaking and listening skills!  

Sweden Class October Updates

Congratulations to our first Star Writers of the year: Daisy, Oliver, Peony, Jess, Finlay and Zak! They’ve all made a great start to Year 6 with some excellent writing – well done!

We have also been working on improving our sentences using a ‘slow writing’ technique. Here are a couple of our first attempts – using whiteboards to practise on for less pressure! Some more examples to come from work in books soon. 

Our class music lessons are currently being done with half a class at a time to keep in line with safety advice. Here’s one half enjoying a musical warm up from Charanga while the other half were doing some cross-country practice outside! 

The Stone Age

Around 2.5 million years ago, the earliest ape-like humans began to do things a little differently. They started using caves for shelter. They started gathering and storing nuts and berries for food. And most importantly, they started carving and using stone tools for hunting. This is why it’s called the ‘Stone Age’.  

During this time, the early humans started exploring their artistic capabilities too. In Spain class, we have been imagining what they would have used to make their art. Without handy access to a Hobbycraft, what is there in nature to create art? What would it have been like to draw or paint in a cave? With explorations outside and classroom experiments inside and under the tables, the children began to empathise with and think like real stone age humans.

We have also been prepping our cave wall paper for creating some truly authentic cave paintings of our own.

Thanks to Mr Turner who came into the class one afternoon and captured some incredible photos of the children.

This week in China class we’ve been working really hard on sharing, turn-taking and problem-solving.

We’ve been really impressed with the children’s progress in turn-taking using adult-led board games. We have used lots of brilliant Orchard Toys games like ‘Quack, Quack!’ and ‘The Rocket Game’. 

We’ve also worked hard to share resources in our play. We were excited to get our delivery of more large wooden blocks to use outdoors. Thank you very much to the Friends of Browick for buying these for us: They will get definitely lots and lots of use. 

We have used the story ‘The Colour Monster’ to learn about feelings: Happy, sad, angry, calm and scared. We enjoyed talking about when we feel those different feelings and there has been some excellent writing, too. The children practised cutting and joining skills to make their own feelings monster puppets and enjoyed mixing all the colours together and creating their own colour monster paintings..

Inspired by the story – the monster’s feelings got mixed up so he had to sort them out – we have been sorting and matching objects.  We matched pairs of socks and talked about how they were the same or different – this was size, colour and pattern. We built towers outside and challenged the children to make a matching one, then describe how they were the same or different if they didn’t match! We love playing with dinosaurs and enjoyed sorting them by type, colour, what they ear, their size….

We have started to practise a few more counting songs like 5 Little Teddy Bears, 1,2,3,4,5 Once IO caught a fish alive, 3 Jellyfish, Days of the Week, 10 fat sausages. We’ve also sung lots of nursery rhymes,  fun action songs and ring games outside.

This week we have also enjoyed having the first hot school lunches in class – all of the choices including the pizza, jacket potatoes and ‘Fishy Friday’ were a big hit!  

Well done, China class on another great week in school. You definitely earned a rest this weekend!

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