It has been great to see the children back in school and getting really into their Year 3 learning.

As part of the study of our class country, ‘Spain’, the children created their own Pablo Picasso inspired cubist portraits. The style was influenced by Picasso’s interest in capturing faces from all different angles and blending it into one portrait with bold colours. We kept it simple with just the front and side profiles, but it is a fun one to experiment with at home. In all the excitement, the teachers missed the opportunity to take many photos – but here are some we did get!

Year 2 Maths

This week we have been identifying the tens and ones in a two-digit number. In pairs, we used Base 10 to create these numbers and ordered them from smallest to largest.

This week in Year 4 Mexico class we have been learning about how sound travels


Our learning objectives were:

Identify how sounds are made, associating some of them with something vibrating

Recognise that vibrations from sounds travel through a medium to the ear

Recognise that sounds get fainter as the distance from the sound source increases

The children investigated how musical instruments were played and how we heard the sounds.  We talked about vibrations, and listened to tuning forks and felt the vibrations in our hands.  We could see the vibrations moving water when we submerged the tuning fork into a bowl of water.  The children also understood sound travelling through vibrations using elastic bands and looking at grains of rice moving on top of a drum.

We carried out an investigation by making our own cup and string telephones.  It was lots of fun!

We looked at whether we could hear more clearly when the string was pulled taut, or when it was loose.  We found out what happened round corners, and the effects of putting a knot in the middle of the string.

We know that light travels faster than sound, but sound can change speed depending on what medium it is travelling though.  Sound travels fastest through solids, and slowest through air.  Think about whether you can hear sounds underwater (how do whales and dolphins communicate?).

Italy Class Blog 11th September

We have had a busy first week back in school.  Everyone has been in school every day which is a fabulous start – well done Year 5!  We have been using the outdoors for some of our learning including a scavenger hunt, drama and outdoor games.  I’ve been really impressed with how hard everyone is working in lessons as well as getting used to a new seating plan and all the new routines. Here’s a photo of us in our new seats.

Mexico Class 11th September

Mexico class have had a very busy first week back in school!  It was lovely to see everyone’s cheerful faces, and we all agreed that it was fun to be back together as a class again. 

We carried out a science lesson introducing us to Sound.  To help us think about how we take hearing things for granted, we conducted a ‘Sound Walk’ around different parts of the school.  We then compared what sorts of sounds we heard where, and whether they were loud, soft, sudden or continuous.  Some continuous sounds were hard to even notice because we are so used to hearing them e.g. traffic.

Busy Bees Blog 11th September

We have had a lovely week in the nursery, welcoming our Busy Bees old and new!  It has been wonderful to see parents and children having fun in our garden again after so many very strange months.  Our initial meetings have all gone very well, and we are so looking forward to having all of our children in for their proper nursery sessions from next week.  Our first couple of weeks back will be spent settling in and exploring our surroundings, and practising our listening skills.  Then we’ll be ready to embark upon our first topic of the year – We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!  Don’t forget to bring your smiles!

Year 6 Blog 11th September

Year 6 have been having a lot of fun creating portraits this week. Using Hannah Hoch and the Dada movement as inspiration, we created photomontage portraits using photos, magazines and our own drawings. We hope you like them! 

Year 1 Blog 11th September

The children have just finished their first week in year 1 and have settled in well. Although things are a bit different to usual, we’ve had fun learning in the classroom and in the outdoor area. We have washed our hands loads of times!! Below is the topic map which shows which areas of the curriculum we will be learning about this half term. 

Denmark Class Blog 11th September

Hello and welcome back everyone! 

We have had a fun week back in Denmark class.  Even though our classroom might look a little different to how it was before, we soon realised that a lot of things were just the same!  The children have had a wonderful time catching up with each other this week, talking about all the fantastic things they did over the summer holidays.  We used these ideas and thoughts to create a class poem which we named ‘Summer is….’.  We used our speaking and listening skills to share our ideas and read through our sentence at the end. 

In our art lessons, we learnt about portrait artists and looked how different artists have various styles and techniques.  This year, the children decided to paint ‘realistic’ self-portraits using paints.  They had to carefully mix and test the paint colours to make sure they got the right shade for them.  They concentrated so hard on the tiny details and we are so proud of the results! 

Next week something…..or someone will come to visit us from a far away place….watch this space

The Denmark Class team x 

Reception Class Blog 9th Sept

We’ve been busy getting the classroom clean and tidy and the children have been enjoying using some of the toys during stay and play sessions. There’s not much to see yet – but there will be!

In the corridor there are pegs for everyone and we’ve taken photos of all the children this week so they know where to put coats and bags next week. We’re sharing part of our outside classroom with the year 1 children – look out for the stripy tape so we don’t get mixed up with each other. If you look at the photos of the classroom you’ll see photos of our carpet area where we sit for register, some construction toys in the maths corner and a book table. The children have enjoyed using the marble run too and we’re looking forwards to building our new role play area next week – we think this will be a home corner! 

There have been a few new members in our team. Joining us in class are:  teaching assistant Mrs Philpott, who will be with us every day; Higher Level Teaching assistant Mrs Long , who will teach on Tuesday afternoons when Mrs Barber has planning time; Midday Supervisor Mrs Loke, who will be with us most days at the start of the year. Welcome all.  Watch this space – next week there will be photos of our classroom filled with life and more exciting things!

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