Polar Animals

This week we have been polar animal ‘researchers’.  We each decided on a polar animal to study and had to find out facts about their habitats, the food they eat and other interesting facts.  We used this information to write our own non-fiction books.  For Art/ DT we had a go at weaving polar landscapes.  We looked closely at photographs of polar regions and discovered that the environment was made up of different shades of blues and whites.  We collected different materials to weave and we concentrated hard as it was quite a tricky skill. We also used torn pieces of paper to create landscapes too.  We learnt how to draw polar animals and stuck these on to complete our pictures.

What a fab week we have had!

Year 2 – Nurture

This week we did some pirate yoga and then thought about our own treasure chest. What is precious to you? What makes you happy? The children drew a picture of their treasures and added some key words.

Year 5 28.1.21

Here is some of the work completed by Year 5 at school.  The display shows persuasive writing completed at the end of the autumn term.  Italy class had strong views about fox hunting and were very passionate about getting their point across in their letters to our local MP.  All the children have joined in with an art lesson creating their own piece of art based on Van Gogh’s Starry Night with very impressive results. You will also see diagrams showing how volcanoes are formed as well as diagrams demonstrating why the Earth experiences day and night.  Excellent progress has been made by all of the children with multiplication and they have participated in discussions to interpret the quotes of Gandhi.  

Writing Superstars!

Three children from Denmark class entered our writing competition and we are so proud of what they have created!  They all thought very carefully about their sentences and remembered their capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

We are really proud of what you have achieved!  Well done!

Year 2 – History

This week we have been learning about the activists: Rosa Park and Emmeline Pankhurst. We discussed protests and what you might hold a protest about. We looked at banners and signs that give a clear message during a protest. We then created our own signs to use during a protest. What would you protest for?

Newsflash – winter writing competition winners​

Well done to all the children who entered the winter writing competition! Mrs McMullan was impressed with the number of entries.

The winners were …

Amelia and Emily – well done! They will receive a certificate and an Orchard Toys Game.

All the other entrants will be receiving a certificate: Alfie, Ehren, Florence M, Florence R, Henry, Indie-Rose, Mia, Mollie, Reuben.

Children not in school will get their prizes and / or certificates in the post. Well done everyone – super writing!

China class blog for week beginning 11th January – our pets

This week we’ve been using ‘Mog the forgetful cat’ to think about looking after pets – and each other.We’ve talked about – and showed pictures of – our pets and made something for them using modelling materials. We’ve talked about who our special people are,  why they are special and how they make us feel. Parents at home have found creative ways of teaching word blending and tricky words. We’ve seen lots of children joining in with physical activities such as yoga. It has been lovely to see children working with older and younger brothers and sisters on their learning too. We are hugely proud of the children working both in school and at home and we’ve kept in touch with each other using Zoom. 

Thanks so much to all the adults working so hard to support their children at home!

Year 2 – Art

This week we followed an online live lesson to recreate Van Gogh’s Starry Night. It was brilliant to see work for home and school learners which were all a bit different, despite following the same tutorial!

Year 4 – local study – Wymondham Abbey

Blended learning.  I am so proud of everyone in Mexico Class with their brilliant attitude and enthusiasm for their learning both at home and at school.  A very big WELL DONE to you all!

Medieval bosses and corbels.

After our virtual tours of Norwich Cathedral and Wymondham Abbey this week, we carried out some observational sketches of bosses and corbels.
Once we had done this, the children used their imaginations and produced some FANTASTIC work both at home and at school!

Have a look.

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