Circus Experience

Year 3 have had fun practising their circus skills this morning. They got to balance peacock feathers, juggle juggling balls, spin plates, ride stepper pedals, use stilts, twirl ribbons and perform stunts with flowersticks. At the end, they were treated to a special performance which included some highly suspenseful knife juggling!

Year 1 – Self-portraits

Nursery w/b 8.7.24

Our story will be:  What Happened to You?

Our rhyme of the week will be:  Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

Our maths work will focus on:   Solving real-world problems using addition in our ice cream shopWe will also be:  Talking about what it means to have a disability, thinking about how to make friends and questions we might like to ask new friends, creating our own 5 sentence stories, and playing at pirates!

Sports Day 2024

We had a fabulous Sports Day with our Reception friends today!  The children had a brilliant time taking part in running, egg and spoon, sack and obstacle races, all with big smiles on their faces.  Everyone did a great job of cheering on their teams, and it was lovely to welcome so many parents, grandparents and friends to cheer along with us in the sunshine.  A big thank you to the Friends who sold well-deserved ice pops to finish off a lovely morning.

Years 1 and 3 –A peer review activity

Years 1 and 3 reviewed each other’s non-fiction writing. The children shared ideas, gave feedback and complimented each other. It was a lovely activity, and everyone worked well together. These review activities are helping the children become better readers, writers, and collaborators.

Nursery w/b 1.7.24

Our story will be:  Splash!

Our rhyme of the week will be:  Incey Wincey Spider

Our maths work will focus on:   Weight – we will be using balance scales to make comparisons between objects, and using the vocabulary of ‘heavier’ and ‘lighter’.We will also be:  investigating materials to find out which are waterproof, creating some bubble art, exploring reflections and bubbles, continuing our work on initial sounds and enjoying Sports Day on Monday.

Arts Week in Nursery

Last week, we celebrated Arts Week with the rest of the school, taking part in lots of arty activities alongside our Reception Class friends. The theme for this year’s Arts Week was ‘Connections’, so we looked at the ways in which we are connected to our families, our friends, and our environment, as well as making physical connections between materials. We made handprints, practised our sewing skills, used clay, snipped up photos of ourselves to create new funny faces, painted paper dolls as ourselves, made transient art from natural materials, wove dream catchers, and even painted the pathway connecting our classes using powder paints! All of the Nursery children spent time enjoying the Reception classroom and garden, and the Reception children visited Nursery in their house groups – it was lovely working on our arty projects together! We finished the week with an exhibition in our outdoor classroom so that all of the parents could enjoy our creations.

Denmark Class visit Gressenhall

Today, we went to Gressenhall for our ‘Once Upon a Time’ trip. We had so much fun! Some fairytale items had been stolen from the museum by the Wicked Witch and it was our job to find them! Along the way, we met Griselda (Cinderella’s older sister) who had us doing work on the farm, which included watering, digging up potatoes and doing the washing. We then helped Cinderella with her dusting and found her missing coins. We loved our tractor ride round the farm before lunch! We met a huge Suffolk horse and even saw black turkey chicks! After lunch, we searched for some missing items in the village shop before helping Jack to climb the beanstalk and find the golden egg! We finished up by making potions with the Wicked Witch. Thankfully, we managed to get all the fairytale items returned to the museum. Our imaginations were buzzing today! We had a super time!

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