Currently our fees are £14 per morning or afternoon session. If you need to pay for your sessions, you will be invoiced directly by the school finance officer at the beginning of each term. Fees are reviewed annually.

All children are eligible for fifteen hours of funding from the term after their third birthday. If your child is in the Nursery Class, you may be able to claim thirty hours of funding. Find out if you are eligible here

Some two year olds are also eligible for funding. Find out if you qualify here

If you think you qualify for 2 year funding, you must complete the registration form on the Norfolk Early Years Provider portal

For 30 hours and 2 year funding, parents must apply before the start of each term and a code must be given to the office or you will be invoiced for the sessions attended.

Once registered at Nursery and your child becomes eligible, the Funding forms will be e-mailed to you by the school Finance office to complete and return each term.

Tel: 01953 603 061

Fax: 01953 603 061

School Administrator: Miss Paula Bilverstone

SENCO: Corrina Peachment