Building Bridges

In Nursery this half term we have been learning the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’.  The children have been very interested in the troll who lives under the bridge, so this week we have been exploring bridges.  We’ve looked at lots of different types of bridges from all over the world, and the children have taken up a challenge to build their own bridges to reach from one side of a water tray to the other, so that the billy goats can cross safely without falling into the water and being gobbled up by the mean old troll!  They worked brilliantly as teams, negotiating over the building bricks and co-operating with their team-mates to construct a bridge strong enough to hold the billy goats.  This activity provided the children with the opportunity to think about forces, to work out how to join pieces in the strongest combinations and positions, and to think critically about how to improve on their own ideas.

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