Letters to Father Christmas

The Nursery children have had a very busy and exciting time writing and posting letters to Father Christmas!  Everybody thought carefully about what they might like to say to Father Christmas, and spent a long time getting their letters just right.  All of the children signed their names beautifully at the ends of their letters, to make sure Father Christmas knows where to send his reply.  Once our letters were finished and sealed in their envelopes, we read The Jolly Christmas Postman, to start us thinking about how our letters might make their way to Father Christmas.  We decided that our letters would need to be posted so that the postman could come and pick them up, so we set off in groups to walk to the postbox.  We thought carefully about how to keep safe on our walk, especially when it came to crossing the road.  We all enjoyed posting our letters into the postbox – some of us were tall enough to reach by ourselves, but some of us needed a helping hand!  Back at Nursery we watched a video which showed us how letters are taken to the sorting office, and sorted by huge machines – now we’re just hoping our letters make it safely to Father Christmas’ workshop in time!

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