Remember, remember the 5th of November!

We have had an exciting week in Nursery learning all about why we celebrate Bonfire Night on the 5th of November.  After talking about the discovery of the Gunpowder Plot, the children decided that we should build our own bonfire in the garden!  They collected together all of our wooden planks, along with lots of sticks and leaves, and did a super bit of teamwork to create a great bonfire.  We decided it was best not to light it (!) but we did make our own guy for the top.  The children enjoyed rolling newspaper into balls to stuff an old jumper and pair of trousers, and we all had a lovely time eating our snacks around our bonfire.  During the week we have used cardboard tubes, paint and glitter to create some beautiful firework pictures, and the children have mastered counting down from 5 to ‘blast off!’ to launch their own fabulous shape rockets.  We finished the week with some sparklers in the garden, which gave us a great opportunity to talk about firework safety, and to write some instructions together.

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