Super storytelling and enchanting environmental art!

The Nursery Class had a wonderful morning in Forest School with Bel, storyteller extraordinaire, from ‘The Flying Shop of Imagination’!  The children explored the tale of the little white calf who wanted to walk to the moon – they threw themselves into challenges set by the little calf, searching for colours, scents and textures in the woods, creating their own natural music (including an amazing bit of word orchestra composition!), and joining in with lots of movements and sound effects.  Bel’s magical poetry factory was a huge hit – the children generated initial sounds by throwing a ball into the ‘factory’, and used the sounds to come up with words for a shared poem – you can see the impressive result in the photos.  To finish, they used white stones and other natural materials to create some lovely pieces of environmental art.  Thank you, Bel, we loved our morning with you!

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