World Bee Day

We have celebrated ‘World Bee Day’ (20th May) with a whole week of bee-related activities in Busy Bees Class!  We have learned about pollination, counted groups of bees and matched them to the correct number whilst playing ‘Honey Bee Tree’, matched objects from the bee hive to their initial sound flower in phonics, made some amazing collaged and wool-wrapped bees, and produced some lovely posters to encourage people to look after bees.  We have been out on the field exploring the flowers and the apple blossom with our magnifying glasses in order to see the pollen, and we were lucky enough to see some pollinators in action!  The children’s favourite activity, though, has been making their own honey sandwiches – they all expertly spread their own butter and honey (which they squeezed from the bottle very carefully), and then folded and cut their own sandwiches to eat at snack time – delicious!

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