China Class Blog Wednesday 21st October

WELL DONE CHINA CLASS! We made it! What a half term this had been and I hope you don’t mind me being slightly gushy but we are incredibly proud of our class. They have risen to the challenge of settling in *brilliantly* even after a huge gap since last being in nursery. 

As we’ve watched them this week we have noticed how hard they are working to share, be kind, take turns, listen and  challenge themselves.  There have been lots of big little steps -putting on coats, wellies, doing zips, writing names, riding bikes, eating different fruits for the first time….

Today we had a circle time to talk about their favourite fruit and the listening, concentration and speaking was marvellous. All the children joined in and spoke in full sentences, using the joining word ‘because’ – this took so much confidence, we were amazed at how well they joined in.

The children are beginning to hear, say and write sounds in words for writing. We have written ‘sorry’ cards from Crab to Blob and Brush from ‘Sharing a Shell’.  In maths we have used language ‘more’ and ‘fewer’ to compare groups of objects. 

Overall – a brilliant start to reception. Thanks to all the parents for your support and for the feedback which supports their learning. Please keep adding to your child’s tapestry accounts and don’t forget the half term writing challenge. 

We hope you enjoy your half term break, children and parents alike. Stay safe and well and we will look forwards to seeing you on Monday 2nd November. Have a good rest. 

Best wishes – Mrs B and the Reception team 😊

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