China class blog week beginning 8th February

Two things in the air this week: Snow and love. Both of which have made the children in class very excited!

They all enjoyed the snow at home whilst school was closed and even did their home learning too. We enjoyed seeing their photos on Tapestry. 

We have been learning about Valentine’s Day this week. We learned about the origins and found out about Norfolk’s very own legend of Jack Valentine. They received a letter from him telling them he had run out of magic ..and had to make love potions to help. They rose to the challenge with aplomb and ingredients included unicorn tears, lavender drops and a flamingo. The magic worked for the children in class at least who after hearing a knock on the door were surprised by a delivery of love heart sweeties! 

Work being enjoyed this week also included making cards with designs inspired by artist Wassily Kandinsky’s concentric circle colour study, writing potion recipes and adding groups of objects in maths.

We would like to thank all the parents of children in school and at home: They have been a brilliant support to the children and to us and are doing a brilliant job. We’ve been so impressed by the progress the children are making and we know that this is really tough for the parents at home to manage. 

The ladies in class – Mrs Fletcher, Mrs Philpott and Mrs Waupotitsch  – have worked so hard all half term often going above and beyond the call of duty to support the children. Thank you so much!

Have a restful break and we’ll see you on Monday 22nd in one form or another. 

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