Reception Class Blog 9th Sept

We’ve been busy getting the classroom clean and tidy and the children have been enjoying using some of the toys during stay and play sessions. There’s not much to see yet – but there will be!

In the corridor there are pegs for everyone and we’ve taken photos of all the children this week so they know where to put coats and bags next week. We’re sharing part of our outside classroom with the year 1 children – look out for the stripy tape so we don’t get mixed up with each other. If you look at the photos of the classroom you’ll see photos of our carpet area where we sit for register, some construction toys in the maths corner and a book table. The children have enjoyed using the marble run too and we’re looking forwards to building our new role play area next week – we think this will be a home corner! 

There have been a few new members in our team. Joining us in class are:  teaching assistant Mrs Philpott, who will be with us every day; Higher Level Teaching assistant Mrs Long , who will teach on Tuesday afternoons when Mrs Barber has planning time; Midday Supervisor Mrs Loke, who will be with us most days at the start of the year. Welcome all.  Watch this space – next week there will be photos of our classroom filled with life and more exciting things!

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