Alie the Alien!

We have had so much fun looking after Alie the Alien and making sure he was having a fun time learning in our class.  We turned up to school one day last week with a letter for us to read.  It was from Mr and Mrs Zoob asking us if we have seen their alien baby!  We wrote postcards back to them with a description to see if it was Alie…..and it was!!  So we decided it was time to say goodbye and help Alie on his way back home.  We read the story book ‘The way back home’ by Oliver Jeffers and it gave us lots of inspiration.  We wrote a list of all the equipment we might need to make a rocket and send him into space.  Out on our school field, we used a stomp rocket to fly him high in the sky.  This was so exciting and we all had a go a ‘stomping’ him into orbit!

Bye bye Alie, we will miss you!

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