Denmark Blog 30th April 2021

We arrived at school on Monday to discover a surprise!  We looked out of the window and noticed something unusual in the garden.  We were puzzled, so we went downstairs to investigate.  We saw a wire stretching from the window of the garden.  There was a picnic spread all over the ground – it had fallen out of a basket!  Some of the food had been eaten and there was a feather near it.  We wondered what had happened! 

We used of super speaking and listening skills to discuss what could have happened and who might have caused this mess.  We used clipboards to draw or write down the clues and ideas. 

“I can see a sandwich with nibbles in”. 

“Maybe they don’t like that sandwich” 

“I’ll open it up. YUK!  It has mustard in”. 

“Look! I have found this!  It’s a thing that holds on and slides down the wire”. 

The children then came up with the idea that it sounded like a story we heard the other week called ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’.  Well done, super detectives! 

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