The Bog Baby

Good morning everyone, 

Well, we could not believe our eyes on Monday morning! We went for a little walk around our wildlife area and stumbled across………A BOG BABY!  We have never seen one before and we were very excited but intrigued.  There were all sorts of objects and clues as to what it could be and why he might be there.  The children used their speaking and listening skills to explain their thoughts and ideas. 

We came back to class the next day to discover there had been a delivery and inside was a book called ‘The Bog Baby’, and this gave us the information we needed!  Problem solved!  We listened to the story and afterwards, talked about what we liked and didn’t like about what happened in the story.  The children thought that the Bog Baby sucking his toes was the funniest bit, but they also liked seeing hundreds of Bog Babies at the end of the story.

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