The Great Fire of London and Wymondham

We have been very busy learning more about the Great Fire of London and we even discovered there was a Great Fire of Wymondham too!  We created fact files to help us learn about the events and used these facts to write diaries and newspaper articles.

As part of our art lessons, we learnt about colour mixing and created beautiful and bright ‘fiery’ backgrounds.  We made silhouettes of buildings and put these on to our fire backgrounds to create a ‘London’s burning’ picture.  We think they look amazing.

As the fire started in a bakery, the children came up with the idea of making bread.  We had to measure out the ingredients very carefully and we used a break maker to help create the dough.  The children shaped the dough into balls and cooked them in the oven.  When they were ready, the children cut them open and spread butter on them before tasting them.  They all gave them a big thumbs up!!

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