Year 1 Science Week

Science week – Year 1 enjoyed The story of Mary Anning.

During science week Year 1 enjoyed a workshop on Mary Anning.  We have been learning about Mary Anning the pioneering paleontologist and fossil collector and this workshop helped consolidate our learning. 

Our visiting scientist, Dr Mandy Hartley, told us how and where fossils were formed.  She invited us to talk about the fossils we found and where we found them.  Lots of children found fossils on the beaches of North Norfolk.   Dr Hartley demonstrated how a fossil is formed by using clay to imprint into and plaster of Paris to create a cast.  Afterwards we went fossil hunting on a sample beach and we discovered a huge ichthyosaurus fossil.  We also learnt how Mary Anning’s finds influenced Charles Darwin’s ‘Theory of Evolution’.

Finally, we joined Dr Hartley and went on an immersive drama adventure to retell the story of Mary Anning.  Through acting, listening, dressing up and singing we revised what happened from the time Mary was struck by lightning, how she taught herself and how she found amazing fossils.  We loved learning more about Mary’s friend Miss Philpott!

It was an engaging workshop and was very much enjoyed by the children. 

Thank you Dr Hartley for bringing our learning to life.  Also, thank you to our Friends Committee for funding the workshop.

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