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Welcome to Spain class! We are Year 3 and our teacher is Mr. Bamford. Mrs. Riccobena and Mrs. Noble are our teaching assistants.

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Year 3 Blog

UK Geography

May 7, 2024

These past few weeks, we have been learning about the geography of the UK. The children have learnt about cities, counties and regions and have explored some of the human and physical landmarks that can be found in the UK’s four nations. Most recently, the children explored the topography (the lay of the land) and discovered that Scotland, Wales and the North West of England are much more hilly of even mountainous than the South East and around where we live! To help children see how topography can be shown on a map, the children created their very own 3D ‘contour island’, with different colours representing the different heights of the land. They did a fantastic job with these!

Science Week

May 7, 2024

For Science Week, we were treated to a visit from author and former scientist, Dr. Mandy Hartley. Mandy led a ‘Forensic Ecology’ workshop where the children were given a scenario and had use very specific science skills to solve a crime.  Clues were found in pollen, soil and plant samples. It was learning combined with detective work – the perfect combination!

Thanks to Mandy for her unique blend of story-telling and science. The children really enjoyed it! 

Also, the children have been learning about forces and magnets in science. The children saw magnetism in action when they popped a magnet in a bowl of water and the magnet found north by itself.

Karate Taster

May 4, 2024

Year 3 loved their martial arts taster this week with Verve Martial Arts Thetford. The children learnt some of the fundamental of karate such as respect, balance and technique.

Honouring the joy of reading and books through the medium of stop-motion animation

April 19, 2024

Last term, the children learnt how to create stop-motion animations using the iPads. For World Book Day, they were thrown a challenge. That challenge was to create a stop-motion poster with a positive message about reading. With very little preparation, they did an amazing job! We love books in Spain Class.

Forest Schools and Spanish Art

March 26, 2024

It was our turn in the forest last week and the children showed lots of creativity in their exploration of the space. They also made a variety of different things showing some great proficiency with some of the forest school tools to help them bring to life the art they had in their mind.

Meanwhile in class, we were learning about the Spanish architect ‘Antoni Gaudi’ who, in his lifetime, designed and built many of the impressive buildings and spaces you can see in Barcelona today such as the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell. He was famous for using a trencadis mosaic technique to brighten up his designs and he was very interested in the shapes of animals and nature – so we practised his technique on some animals of our own.

Fruity Yoghurt

March 15, 2024

Design and Technology this term is about making familiar foods in a healthy way. We are considering the ingredients that go into our food so we can make good choices for our health (balanced diets), and for taste. 

Yesterday, we discussed ‘seasonal’ foods. Which fruits and vegetables are in season and how we can ‘preserve’ some of those foods to last longer so we don’t have to buy processed foods, or import foods from a long way away. We used frozen berries, heating them up so they will ‘stew’ and making them a nice topping for our yoghurt, seed and oat snack/breakfast. The children practised their cutting skills, as well as making choices for their yoghurt. 

Some LOVED the taste – others were less enthusiastic. One guarantee is that there was lots of fun in the process.

Creating Media – Animations

February 27, 2024

This week, Year 3 have been learning about how animations are made from a sequence of pictures or images. They made flick books to animate a sequence of picture of their own and self-assessed how successful they were. Today, they had lots of fun making their own stop-motion animations using their whiteboards and iPads. There was lots of impressive creativity on show and we enjoyed sharing them as a class.

Science – The Human Body     

January 30, 2024

We have been learning about the skeleton in Year 3. The children learned that the skeleton is designed for movement; It gives us support; and finally, it helps protect some of our vital organs. The brain is protected by our skull and our heart and lungs are protected by our rib cage. So it was time for a challenge. Could we create a skeleton like structure with limited resources to protect a (boiled) egg?

The week before, we learnt about a healthy balanced diet and the importance of water for ours bodies. It is great for us all to think about the amount of fruits and vegetables we get each day (and careful of the fats).

Bringing History to Life

December 11, 2023

We have been continuing our learning about British prehistory by learning about life in the Neolithic (new) Stone Age and exploring different features of that time such as, what was Stone Henge built for? Was it a monument to the sun? A place for food and festivals? A religious venue for burials? The children used cubes to recreate the structures then we had a class debate about its most likely use. 

In art, the children created a silhouetted Stone Henge, exploring different colour combinations for their pastel sunset and using black sugar paper to recreate the stone structures. The end results look fantastic and will be taken home as the children’s calendars for 2024.


December 11, 2023

We have been treated to the expertise of Laura from Active Education this past term who has been teaching the class gymnastics. They have been practising different rolls, balances (solo and paired) and jumps, and finally put them into a sequence this week. There are lots of very enthusiastic and talented gymnasts in the class! 

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