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Welcome to Spain class. We are in Year 3 and our teacher is Mr Bamford. Ms Wilson and Mrs Long are our Teaching Assistants.

Year 3 Blog

Outdoor learning, magnet games and skipping competitions

May 28, 2021

With half term now upon us, we can reflect on a busy few weeks for Spain Class. Amongst all the hard work the children have been doing in Maths – learning about time – and English, writing diaries and newspaper reports – we have had lots of visitors and nice experiences. There was forest schools with Mr Rackham, and it sounds like a great time was had by all. This week we also had Bel Greenwood visit for a morning of art and literacy in the environment. An outdoor experience to generate poetry ideas, drawing and drama. They then got to create their own wild garden to take home and look after. 

In Science, the children have been learning about forces and magnets. Exploring what materials are magnetic, the effects of a magnetic forces, and finally putting all that new knowledge into designing and creating their very own magnet games. 

And finally, we had our skipping workshop this week where the children tested themselves against themselves to see how many skips they can do in 2 minutes. I think it’s a great way to keep active and fit and it’s great to see so many children now really developing a passion for it. 

Art Studio Visit

May 9, 2021

We were very excited last week when it was Year 3’s turn to visit Sarah in Wymondham’s Start-Studio. Our first ‘school trip’ since 2019! Before visiting, we read The Dot by ‘Peter H. Reynolds, a story about a girl called Vashti, who thinks that she can’t do art. With a little encouragement, she discovers enjoyment in the process of creating and realises that anybody can be an artist really!

Our artists used acrylic paint and Q-Tips (cotton buds), to create an animal picture of their choosing. They learnt about colour mixing, dot forming, being big and bold, and taking care and time to create a piece of work that they will proudly see on display in the summer. 

Here is a small selection of our artists at work. 

Miles and Pharaohs

April 30, 2021

Today was the national daily mile day so we all went out and did our laps on the track. There was some great effort on show and some heavy breathing and smiles to suggest they got a good workout and enjoyed getting healthy.

For our Egyptian topic, the children designed and painted their own Pharaoh headdresses. The process was fun and the results are really impressive. 

We’ve edged towards normality as well with some special visitors. First, Professor Bubbleworks came and demonstrated how engines work, fuels burn and the fascinating effects of static electricity. We also enjoyed the visit of a West End dancer who taught the children how to dance through the story of The Iron Man. 

Pharaohs and Fitness

April 18, 2021

We have begun a very exciting journey back in time to learn all about the Ancient Egyptian civilisation. There is lots to get our teeth into here, and we started this week by organising the major events on a timeline and exploring a picture for clues about Egyptian life. Lots of children brought and shared some great facts with them to the lesson about things they already knew! There is a link in the knowledge organiser (above) if the children would like to explore more at home. 

We also have the privilege of Ryan Fuller’s PE expertise this half term who has joined us from Norwich City Community Sport Foundation. Great to have some (warmish) sunshine to get outside in too. 

The children are continuing to learn about fractions in their Maths, read out some powerful, emotive free verse poems in English and we started learning about Forces in Science. There was also time for some philosophical debate in RE, thinking about the difference between knowledge and wisdom. 

Year 3 Science Week

March 16, 2021

It was great to have the class back to again last week and we definitely hit the ground running with Science week. Our theme was Innovating For The Future, so the children were trying to solve problems by thinking scientifically and creatively in different situations. 

First, we looked at farming for the future – discovering ways farmers are using technology to help them become more sustainable. This led to the children designing the best shape for a drone, which farmers use to help them for various jobs, before testing its air resistance by dropping it and timing the landing. 

Then we looked at Entobots, or ‘robot insects’, looking at different strengths that insects have that might help people in the future for example to rescue, explore or discover. They chose and designed their own ‘Entobot’, modelling it out of clay before presenting their ideas on paper. 

Finally, the children were tasked with working out ways to help farmers in Bangladesh who lose their farms to flooding regularly. They designed and built their very own ‘Floating garden’, which they then tested for its ability to float and support crops.

Our ongoing Science topic is all about Plants, and amidst all the inventing, the children made a pot for, and planted, their very own sunflower seed which they will hopefully be nurturing to growth at home. 

Lockdown learning – The end of an era

March 5, 2021

Well done to everybody, in school and at home, for getting through the latest challenge we have all been thrown. We have all been really impressed with how you have adapted, particularly those of you at home who have learnt a totally new way of learning together. 

Here is the tiniest selection of work Spain Class have completed. You will enjoy the stop-motion animations created by our home-school creative heroes. There are also some ‘process’ cloud paintings/drawings and Narnia wardrobes created from craft kits and things around the house. 

Back to school next week, and I am certain we will all come back stronger from this experience.

Spain Class Blog Writing

February 12, 2021

This has been an exceptional half-term, where Year 3 have shown excellence resilience and adaptation to their new place in home and bubble school. Below is a selection of writing about their experiences, sharing their routines and favourite activities. 

Also attached is the tiniest sample of some of their excellent work. There are some rock cakes made in the spirit of our Science learning on rocks, some toucan art we did with Draw with Rob, cubist pastel work and junk landmark modelling, but they have done so much more! 

Well done Year 3 – we wish you all a restful half-term.

Santa dashing, Maths smashing, Mammoth washing and Stone Age presenting

December 14, 2020

Another busy few weeks in Spain class in which the children have shown brilliant stamina in the run up to the end of a very unusual term. 

Maths has seen us sharing objects, grouping objects and building arrays to strengthen their understanding of our new times tables (3, 4 and 8). 

In English the children have been creating their own woolly mammoth cleaning kits and selling them to the class! They are now using their kits to write an instruction text on ‘How to wash a Woolly Mammoth’.

Topic has seen them researching the Iron Age and presenting their findings using Keynote on the iPad. They have shown some great knowledge and enjoyed showing off their animation skills too.

And of course, Christmas has started to rear its head, last week in the form of a Santa Dash where they all earned their certificate for giving their all by doing 5 golden laps of our running track.

Math Methods & Chilly Hands Hockey

November 28, 2020

Spain Class have done a great job getting stuck into Year 3 Maths, adding and subtracting numbers with 3-digits and sometimes rolling into the thousands. To help us explore these bigger numbers, the children are learning new methods to help them solve calculations in the most efficient way possible. In the lesson photo’d below, the children worked with a partner and went big on the sugar paper to help them present their methods with confidence. 

In PE, we have been practising hockey skills in some cool weather. They have been doing lots of dribbling exercises, passing, shooting and some teamwork games. They have all worked hard and show plenty of athletic ability. 

Finally, our art for St Martins. There were some magical creations from the children, using their imagination to bring their first names to life to help bring some cheer to those in need. 

Story Mountains & Stone Age Pots

November 28, 2020

Year 3 children have been working hard imagine and build a story plan for a new ending to Stone Age Boy. There is plenty to think about when approaching a story so this method of planning will have helped them to see the flows of a narrative and build up each part with lots of details. They are coming up to the end of their write-up and we can’t wait to read their finished pieces. 

Attached below is a Year 3 writer poster which helps show all the skills Spain Class children can work hard on to help them flourish as writers. 

In our topic the children explored different clay techniques to make Stone Age pots. Although not many pots have been discovered from the Stone Ages, we did look at photos of a few that had, and tried to replicate one of the methods they used to make our own replicas. They chose either:The coil technique, the slab technique, or moulded the pot shape with their thumbs. Then they added a typical pattern for that era and added a rim or some handles (sadly no photos). 

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