An update from Year 3

We have had a very productive few weeks back in school and are beginning to feel right at home now in Spain class.

I have provided you with a digital copy of our Stone Age Knowledge Organiser. This will be used in class to help the children remember key vocabulary, and visualise the changing events over time. There is a link at the bottom of the sheet for the children to delve deeper into the topic if they want to know more… When we first stepped back in time, the children asked some brilliant, probing questions of things they wanted to find out. These questions now keep us warm as you can see on our Stone Age display.

In Science, we have been exploring light. Where does it come from? How do we see? How are shadows made? The children explored shadows using owl puppets and torches, measuring the shadows at different distances from the light source to see how they change.

In the spirit of light and dark, we have also started reading The Owl Who Is Afraid Of The Dark in our English lessons. In preparation for the story, the children wrote some Dark is poems which we will be able to share with you shortly.

Finally, the weird and wonderful portraits in the style of Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso, are now looking over us all day long. The array of styles and colours shows the uniqueness in all their artistic eyes. They’re really great!

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