Bronze Age tools and Shadows

We have journeyed back in time these past few weeks, delving into the past to discover how the earliest humans learnt new tricks to survive. Having completed our Stone Age cave paintings before half term, last week was the turn of the Bronze Age. We learned all about the process for making Bronze and created flow charts to explain the steps. We then used potatoes and chocolate/jelly to replicate the mould and liquid metal so the children could see what difficulties might arise from the process. We think they had fun exploring the process.

In English, the children have been reading the ‘Stone Age Boy’, working up to writing their own diary extract and some descriptive writing.

In Science, we explored how shadows change through the day. We finally had the perfect day of sunshine (after 3 weeks of waiting) to investigate whether they change size and direction. They learnt how it appears that the sun moves but that we are actually spinning on Earth so it appears that the sun is moving. We also spotted that the shadows were much longer in the morning when the sun was lower in the sky, and shortest closer to the middle of the day. 

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