Catching up on the last 4 weeks

Unbelievably, we are approaching the end of the year, but with lots to do to keep us busy until then!

Firstly, the class loved seeing their artwork in our very own pop-up gallery. I hope lots of parents made it along to see all their fantastic work. We have had an Egyptian themed art project of our own involving papier-mâché, pots, clay and paint. We’re approaching the end of the project and I hope the children will end up being proud of their work. We have also been preparing some tomatoes for mummification by gutting them, weighing them, then applying ‘natron’ (salt and bicarbonate of soda) in order to preserve them. 

The rain didn’t dampen our spirits for the Friends’ obstacle course with the scores ending up incredibly close. We have been practising some events for our class sports day which we hope to be completing on Tuesday (weather permitting). 

In English, the children are beginning to innovate their own versions of The Day The Crayons Quit. On an English theme, we were extremely impressed with the standard of book reviews and photos sent in for the half term competition. The incredible winning photo displayed below!

In maths we have explored time, measure, mass and the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. Some photos from their 3D shape making below. 

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