Pharaohs and Fitness

We have begun a very exciting journey back in time to learn all about the Ancient Egyptian civilisation. There is lots to get our teeth into here, and we started this week by organising the major events on a timeline and exploring a picture for clues about Egyptian life. Lots of children brought and shared some great facts with them to the lesson about things they already knew! There is a link in the knowledge organiser (above) if the children would like to explore more at home. 

We also have the privilege of Ryan Fuller’s PE expertise this half term who has joined us from Norwich City Community Sport Foundation. Great to have some (warmish) sunshine to get outside in too. 

The children are continuing to learn about fractions in their Maths, read out some powerful, emotive free verse poems in English and we started learning about Forces in Science. There was also time for some philosophical debate in RE, thinking about the difference between knowledge and wisdom. 

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