Santa dashing, Maths smashing, Mammoth washing and Stone Age presenting

Another busy few weeks in Spain class in which the children have shown brilliant stamina in the run up to the end of a very unusual term. 

Maths has seen us sharing objects, grouping objects and building arrays to strengthen their understanding of our new times tables (3, 4 and 8). 

In English the children have been creating their own woolly mammoth cleaning kits and selling them to the class! They are now using their kits to write an instruction text on ‘How to wash a Woolly Mammoth’.

Topic has seen them researching the Iron Age and presenting their findings using Keynote on the iPad. They have shown some great knowledge and enjoyed showing off their animation skills too.

And of course, Christmas has started to rear its head, last week in the form of a Santa Dash where they all earned their certificate for giving their all by doing 5 golden laps of our running track.

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