Story Mountains & Stone Age Pots

Year 3 children have been working hard imagine and build a story plan for a new ending to Stone Age Boy. There is plenty to think about when approaching a story so this method of planning will have helped them to see the flows of a narrative and build up each part with lots of details. They are coming up to the end of their write-up and we can’t wait to read their finished pieces. 

Attached below is a Year 3 writer poster which helps show all the skills Spain Class children can work hard on to help them flourish as writers. 

In our topic the children explored different clay techniques to make Stone Age pots. Although not many pots have been discovered from the Stone Ages, we did look at photos of a few that had, and tried to replicate one of the methods they used to make our own replicas. They chose either:The coil technique, the slab technique, or moulded the pot shape with their thumbs. Then they added a typical pattern for that era and added a rim or some handles (sadly no photos). 

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