The Stone Age

Around 2.5 million years ago, the earliest ape-like humans began to do things a little differently. They started using caves for shelter. They started gathering and storing nuts and berries for food. And most importantly, they started carving and using stone tools for hunting. This is why it’s called the ‘Stone Age’.  

During this time, the early humans started exploring their artistic capabilities too. In Spain class, we have been imagining what they would have used to make their art. Without handy access to a Hobbycraft, what is there in nature to create art? What would it have been like to draw or paint in a cave? With explorations outside and classroom experiments inside and under the tables, the children began to empathise with and think like real stone age humans.

We have also been prepping our cave wall paper for creating some truly authentic cave paintings of our own.

Thanks to Mr Turner who came into the class one afternoon and captured some incredible photos of the children.

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