Year 3 Science Week

It was great to have the class back to again last week and we definitely hit the ground running with Science week. Our theme was Innovating For The Future, so the children were trying to solve problems by thinking scientifically and creatively in different situations. 

First, we looked at farming for the future – discovering ways farmers are using technology to help them become more sustainable. This led to the children designing the best shape for a drone, which farmers use to help them for various jobs, before testing its air resistance by dropping it and timing the landing. 

Then we looked at Entobots, or ‘robot insects’, looking at different strengths that insects have that might help people in the future for example to rescue, explore or discover. They chose and designed their own ‘Entobot’, modelling it out of clay before presenting their ideas on paper. 

Finally, the children were tasked with working out ways to help farmers in Bangladesh who lose their farms to flooding regularly. They designed and built their very own ‘Floating garden’, which they then tested for its ability to float and support crops.

Our ongoing Science topic is all about Plants, and amidst all the inventing, the children made a pot for, and planted, their very own sunflower seed which they will hopefully be nurturing to growth at home. 

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