We had a great time in our English lesson today debating whether this headline was in fact true. We split into two groups to compile our argument either agreeing or disagreeing with this statement. Here were some of the arguments put forward in this debate:

Children are lazy

  • Lots of children spend all their spare time watching TV or gaming.
  • Children get loads of holiday time.
  • Parents do too much for children which makes them lazy.
  • The streets around the school are full of cars as many children prefer to drive to school instead of walk.
  • Children spend far too much time staring at a screen instead of being outside playing.
  •  Children often use iPads to watch videos which isn’t good for their mental or physical health.
  • Electronics are highly addictive and therefore children just can’t stop playing with them.

Children are not lazy

  • During holiday time, children are mostly going out doing things with their friends and family. and not just sitting around being lazy.
  • Most children walk to school if they can. Sometimes having to drive isn’t the child’s choice but their parents as they live too far away or their parent needs to go off to work after dropping them off. 
  • The school day is tiring as children are physically and mentally active so sometimes they need time after school to relax.
  • Children use technology to get moving, such as watching Yoga tutorials.
  • Most children spend their spare time at a club, doing homework or going outside to play with friends.
  • Most children have strict rules around screen time so this time is limited and only a treat after being physically and mentally active all day.

We hope that Nonsense Research Ltd will be interested in the arguments we have put forward and hope we have managed to show them that children aren’t lazy (mostly!)

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