Finding treasure in Year 4!

In the middle of our English lesson, we discovered a mysterious box with a blue crystal inside! None of us had brought it in and no staff knew anything about it! We talked about what it might be, where it could have come from and who it might belong to. We decided to make ‘Found’ posters to try and find its owner. While we were busy doing this, we got an email from Miss Laflin which told us the police were looking for the rock because it had been stolen! We took a vote and decided we would hide the rock (hehe!) and then hide ourselves in case anyone came looking. We hid under tables, behind the flipchart, anywhere we could find! When we thought no one was coming, we came out of hiding and talked about how it felt to be in that situation. It was cramped in our hiding spots and lots of us found it tense! It made us anxious and our hearts beat faster. Our English learning is going to be about writing an adventure story with a finding plot. We think this experience will come in useful!

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