Year 4 DT Electrical Systems

Are you brave enough to play Piranha Lake? We made an electrical game using our knowledge of switches. By covering a piece of cardboard in aluminium foil, which conducts electricity, we made a ‘lake’. Next, we made cardboard piranhas and put drawing pins through them. All except one of the fish had masking tape on the back of the drawing pin, which meant they would not conduct electricity. After this, we connected a circuit containing a buzzer to the lake. Using the crocodile clip on the end of a wire connected to the battery, we then played piranha roulette, taking it in turns to pick a fish up with the clips. If the buzzer didn’t sound, we found a safe fish. If the buzzer went off, the circuit had been completed and therefore the piranha was found! We worked so hard in groups to make our games and really enjoyed it!

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