Science Week

Every class has had a workshop led by Dr Mandy Hartley to celebrate Science Week.  Year 5’s workshop was all about the planets to tie in with our current Science topic of Earth & Space.  First of all, the children came up with a mnemonic to help them learn the order of the planets – some of them were very funny!  Then, they were split into planet teams, and they had to learn some important information about each one, including: how many moons it has, how long a day is and how long a year is!  Next, they made rockets using water and a vitamin tablet, or water and an Alka Seltzer, put into a small plastic container.  They jumped really high!  Finally, Mandy used two volunteers to drop some mentos into lemonade and see how high the liquid was forced into the air!  We all had an amazing time and learned much about the planets!

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