A Busy Half Term

What a great half term we’ve had in Year 6! Here are a few highlights from the past few weeks:

We have written book reviews of some of our favourite books and took photos reading in unusual places.

Whilst learning about the Ancient Egyptians, we mummified fruit in our own ‘Natron’ and have left them to dry… we’ll see what they look like next week! 

In Science we’ve been learning about the body and focusing on the heart and circulation system. As part of this, we learned about drugs and how some can be really good for us, but some can have negative effects or are even illegal. We had a great discussion and produced these fantastic collages to go alongside our writing. 
Finally, it’s been so nice to get back into proper music lessons again! Here we all are playing guitar, keyboard and drums along to the Musical Futures backing track. 

Next week, we have visits to StART studio, Forest Schools, clay pots to paint and explanation texts to write.. keep an eye out for some photos of those!

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