A great week in Year 6!

Last Monday, we started off the week with a few people playing ‘monster’ and trashing the classroom in preparation for our English work! I think they had a bit too much fun pushing over tables and scattering belongings everywhere! It sparked off some excellent writing though – as well as a lot of excitement. 

On Wednesday, we were lucky to have a lovely session with Bel Greenwood who came in to do some work on Art and Writing in the Environment. We enjoyed looking around the wildlife garden for clues about different creatures, then wrote some descriptive phrases and turned these into mini pieces of writing. These were then added to our treasure boxes that we filled with a range of natural materials. These looked lovely and the children really showed off the excellent work they’ve been doing on their writing this year.

The Big Sing on Thursday afternoon was really fun. There was a lot of lovely singing – and some very interesting dancing at the end! 

Finally, we enjoyed having the chance to see our artwork on display at the exhibition. Everyone loved their session with Sarah last half term, so it was nice to see the finished pieces looking so professional on display. 

Phew – what a week! Two and a half weeks left…! 

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