Remote Learning in Year 6

Year 6 have been keeping really busy this half term – both at home and in school.
Here is just a taster of the work that was completed in January. It includes: writing about resolutions; weekly art classes with Start-Studio, Wymondham; writing about The Highwayman; learning about fractions and Decimals; writing for Pie Corbett’s live lessons; map work about the UK and North America; learning about Hinduism and planning electrical circuits! Phew!


We have been really impressed by how hard everyone’s been working at home – it’s a very strange time for everyone and we know that online learning is very different and not always easy. However, you’re doing a fantastic job! It’s great to see you all each morning and in our live lessons, and it’s been great to see how independent some of you are becoming whilst sorting out and handing in your own work from home.  The children in school have adjusted really well too and are doing some great work. We’re really proud of all of you. One more week until half term – well done and keep going! 


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