We’ve had a very busy last week of half term in Sweden Class!

In Maths, we have been revising how to multiply two 2-digit numbers using the column method and using this to solve problems.

We have been working on our character writing in English and have written some excellent diary entries based on WWII.In History, we learned about the Axis and Allies and enjoyed working together to match up facts about each country – and find them on a world map! And we also learned about how they used codes so we had a go at using the Pigpen code to write our own messages.

We also recapped Romero Britto’s style of artwork and created some pieces of art which will be given out to people at Christmas as part of a charity project.

And finally, Jess received a ‘Winner’ award for some engineering work completed as part of our Science learning last year! Well done Jess!

Well done everyone for a super start to Year 6. Enjoy the holiday!

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