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On this page there are resources and activities put together by your child’s class teacher for use during a period of self isolation or if the school has closed. We have included links to a fun but educational workbook for those who are well enough to access school work whilst they are away from school. 

Key Stage 1 mixed activity packs:  TTS Group – Age 5-7 Activity Pack

Key Stage 2 mixed activity packs: TTS Group – Age 7-11 Activity Pack

The links below will take you to the latest Learning Packs from your child’s class teacher:

28th September 2020

8th-12th June 2020

Reception (China): Rec Home Learning 8th-12th June

Year 1 (India): Y1 Home Learning 8th-12th June

Year 2 (France): Y2 Home Learning 8th-12th June

-Resources for 8th-12th June: The Twits     Humanism

Year 3 (Mexico):   Y3 Home Learning 8th-12th June

-Resources for 8th-12th June: 
The BFG  
Multiplication and Division   
Anglo-Saxon Passport    
Coding Instructions    
Code Breaker Sheet    
Timing in Seconds    
Diary Entry   
Diary Planner   
Diary Planner 2   
Music to my ears Challenge   
Spelling List   
Making a Sundial   
Sundial Base    
Sundial Gnomon

Year 4 (Italy): 
Y4 Home Learning 8th-12th June
-Resources for 8th-12th June: Ambush in the Forest   Robin Hood   Plan your Report    Animal diets

Year 5 (Spain): 
Y4 Home Learning 8th-12th June
-Resources for 8th-12th June: Science/Topic/English resources   Friction Powerpoint   Maths Worksheets  

Year 6 (Sweden):   
Y6 Home Learning 1st-5th June
– Resources for 1st-5th June:     
Battle of Britain

LDC (Denmark): LDC Home Learning 8th-12th June
Resources for 8th-12th June: Phonics game

Comprehensive home learning packages from websites we trust:
BBC Bitesize – Daily lessons with instructive videos and linked activities.
Classroom secrets
Hamilton Trust

Some more free and practical ideas we love:
Literacy shed – KS1 & 2 videos with follow up tasks
David Walliams ‘elevenses’ (KS2)           
Audio books (all ages)            
Pobble365 – pictures to inspire             
Find your child’s next favourite book          
Book related activities to do as a family 

White Rose Maths Mastery Top marks – interactive Maths games           
Money sense

DT & Science:        
James Dyson – Practical home engineering challenge cards      
Kew Gardens – nature learning and challenges

Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM):  
Videos, challenges, investigations & experiments

Tate Kids           
Doodle along with Mo Willems            
Interactive jigsaw puzzles           
31 day lego challenge

Active Norfolk weekday activities          
Disney 10 minute shake up            
PE skills to practice at home

A song to sing for every day of the week

Previous learning packs from your teachers:

Reception (China):
Rec Home Learning 1st-5th June
Home Learning 1
Home Learning 2
Rec Home Learning 11th-22nd May

Year 1 (India):
Home Learning 1 Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3 Activity 4
Home Learning 2
Home Learning 11th-22nd May
– Attached resources: Bats reading comprehension Fibs reading comprehension
Home Learning 1st-5th June

Year 2 (France): 
Home Learning 1
Home Learning 2   Maths Games
Home Learning 11th-22nd May
– Bonus material: Maths activity book English activity book
Home Learning 1st-5th June
– Resources for 1st-5th June: The Enormous Turnip All About Vegetables
– Workbooks: Maths activity book English activity book

Year 3 (Mexico):
Home Learning 1 Activities
Home Learning 2 Topic Plan Maths Games
Home Learning 11th-22nd May
– Attached resources: Statistics booklet & Answers   
Addtion & Subtraction worksheets    
Fractions worksheets   
Money worksheet   
Possessive apostrophes   
Myths & Legends   
Science Forces   
Computer coding    

Y3 Home Learning 1st-5th June
– Resources for 1st-5th June:8x Table Worksheet 8x Space Race Game 3x Table Worksheet Multiplication grid method

Multiply 1 & 2 digit numbers: 
Powerpoint & Worksheet Unit & non-unit Fractions
The BFG The BFG Reading Comprehension Their, There & They’re
Anglo Saxon Maps Anglo Saxon Calligraphy Poorly plants The Shopping List

Year 4 (Italy):
Home Learning 1
Home Learning 2 Coastal Defences Information
Home Learning 3   
Iron Man Book   
Iron Man Reading Pack    
Reading Bingo
Teeth Labelling Worksheet    
Egg Investigation Planning Sheet    
Egg Investigation Results Sheet
Home Learning 11th-22nd May
– Attached resources: 
The Iron Man Book    
The Iron Man Guided Reading    
Reading Bingo
– Egg Investigation: Planning sheet    
Results sheet    
Teeth labelling worksheet
Home Learning 1st-5th June
– Resources for 1st-5th JuneRobin Hood Powerpoint Robin Hood Comprehension Retelling Robin Hood
The Digestive System Powerpoint Build a digestive system Reach 100 Maths

Year 5 (Spain):
Home Learning 1 Word List 1 Word List 2
Home Learning 2 Book Review Flowers & Plants Multiplying & Dividing (AnswersComprehension1 Comprehension2 Comprehension3
Home Learning 11th-22nd May
– Resources for 11th-22nd May: Maths workbook – Answers Maths challenges – Answers Reading: Gandhi Life of: Gandhi Planning a biography Internet safety  
Y5 Home Learning 1st-5th June
– Resources for 1st-5th June:All Maths Worksheets All Maths Answers All Other Worksheets ‘Suspense’ Powerpoint

Year 6 (Sweden):
Home Learning 1
Home Learning 2 Ancient Egypt Angles Angles (ANSWERS) 
Ratio and Proportion Ratio and Proportion (ANSWERS) 
Comprehension 1 
Comprehension 2 
Comprehension 3
Home Learning 11th-22nd May
– Attached resources: Day1 Fractions – Answers   
Day3 Fractions – Answers   
Day6 Fractions – Answers   
Day8 Fractions – Answers   
Reading: Jabberwocky    
Reading: The secret of the staff room

LDC (Denmark):
Home Learning 1
Summer Term: 
Week 1 
Week 2 
Week 3 
Week 4 
Week 5
Home Learning 1st-5th June

– Resources for 1st-5th June: 
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Story Map

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