Year 3 Home Learning

If you are having to self-isolate here is some English, maths and topic work to keep your skills up at home.  Your class teacher will set work for you on Teams as soon as they have some ready so make sure you check daily.


Go on the Pobble365 website and choose one of the following activities to complete:

  • Story Starter
  • Sentence Challenge
  • Sick Sentences
  • Perfect Picture


Practise the spellings that are written in your spelling book or go on
Select your year group and choose a spelling rule to practise.


Either spend at least 20 minutes reading a book from home or choose a reading lesson from BBC Bitesize.


Go on to
Select your year group and choose a lesson to work through.


Choose something to research related to our current topic.  Present it in your own way (e.g. poster, leaflet, Powerpoint or keynote)

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