Pupil Premium/PE & Sport Premium Funding

What is Pupil Premium funding?

This is a government initiative that targets extra money for particular groups of children whose learning may be vulnerable due to family circumstances. Currently the school receives funding for:

  1. Children who have claimed free school meals (not universal free school meals) at any time in the past 6 years.
  2. Children who are looked after/in public care.
  3. Services children at any time for the last 3 years.
  4. Children who are adopted or under special guardianship.

The principle of Pupil Premium funding is to:

  1. Narrow the achievement gap between Pupil Premium children and other children.
  2. Improve life chances.
  3. Give equality of opportunities.

Pupil Premium at Browick Road

The Governing Board at Browick Road is committed to ensuring that the school’s vision of achieving success together results in all children having equality of opportunity at school.

We have high expectations and ambitions for all our children and believe that no child should be left behind or be denied the wider opportunities the school has to offer.

Our Pupil Premium funding is used:

  1. To meet our statutory duties. We pay for school meals for those children who are entitled to free school meals.
  2. To enhance provision that is sustainable, creates opportunities for all children in the school and directly improves the outcomes for children in receipt of Pupil Premium. This includes:
    • Additional learning support in the classroom
    • Nurture groups
    • Intervention groups
    • Funding extra-curricular activities and trips for all Pupil Premium children.

Monitoring of Pupil Premium Funding

  1. We regularly promote the take-up of free school meals by parents through newsletters and the website. We use national data to find out if children have been entitled to free school meals in a previous school. This ensures school receives the funding it is entitled to so that all eligible children receive the opportunities provided by the school.
  2. We monitor the staffing we use to support nurture groups, intervention and learning in the classroom by looking at the impact this has on children’s learning, attainment and progress. School has a rigorous tracking system which regularly reviews every child’s progress in school and action is taken to ensure the needs of all children are met.
  3. We want children to see that learning is something enjoyable and can also happen beyond the school day. We fund Pupil Premium children for school trips, extra-curricular activities and the Children’s University. We monitor the take-up of activities and actively target Pupil Premium children to participate in these activities.

PE & Sport Premium

Government funding is provided to improve the provision of PE provision and sport. At Browick Road, PE has a high priority in our school curriculum.

Our aims for PE and sport at Browick Road:

  1. To enhance PE and sport provision across the school. This includes the use of the hall for a wide range of sporting activities, a running track for all-year and all-weather sport and increased participation in competitive sport at local and national level.
  2. To provide professional development for teaching staff to ensure we have sustainable and high-quality PE and sport teaching across the school.
  3. To develop in children a love of physical activity through exercise and sport to promote a healthy lifestyle both now and in the future.
  4. To give children a wide experience of different types of activities both competitive and non-competitive.
  5. To provide a range of PE and sport provision both in school and as an extra-curricular activity.

8-12 Browick Road, Wymondham, Norfolk, NR18 0QW

Telephone: 01953 603061

When you contact the school, your enquiry will be dealt with by a member of our administration team: Miss Paula Bilverstone (School Administrator), Miss Julie Clarke (Finance Officer) or Mrs. Hannah Jones (Administration Assistant).
Email: office@browickroad.norfolk.sch.uk

SENDCo: Miss Vicki Wild
Email: senco@browickroad.norfolk.sch.uk

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