School Development and Improvement Plan Summary 2020/21

1. To continue to embed actions taken to ensure good progress of Pupil Premium children.

  • To take part in the Norfolk Close the Gap Pilot Project
  • To monitor the impact of provision
  • To support children with homework and encourage home-learning
  • To stay abreast of current developments and recommendations
  • To explore possible reasons for the slow diminishing difference at KS1
  • To ensure that money is spent effectively
  • To improve attendance of some Pupil Premium children
  • To diminish the difference between Pupil Premium children and non-Pupil Premium children

2. To continue to improve PE provision throughout the school

  • To continue to develop the role of Sports Leaders
  • To complete the School Games Mark (Silver Award)
  • To arrange free sports skills clubs for all pupils following Covid-19 Pandemic
  • To continue to increase participation in sports clubs through the introduction of new activities
  • To ensure that Sports Funding is used effectively to promote excellent PE and well-being across the school

3. To ensure continuity of provision and standards throughout changes in staffing in the Language SRB

  • To work closely with Home Schools to ensure a safe return to school following the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • To continue to develop outreach prior to and during placement
  • To deliver language programmes in the LDC and throughout the school
  • To complete the annual LDC audit
  • To stay abreast of current initiatives
  • The Lead Teacher will complete the Sheffield LACIC course

4. To improve SEN provision across the school

  • SENCo will work with staff to complete a dynamic SEN Provision Map using Provision Mapping software
  • SENCo will organise CPD to upskill all staff in Autistic Spectrum Disorder & Dyslexia to enable greater understanding and provision for pupils throughout the school
  • SENCo will monitor the impact of Dyslexia Gold, Clicker 8 and any other new interventions to aid children’s learning
  • To investigate the Engagement Model ready for implementation September 2021

5. To ensure that standards across the school are at least good

  • To use the Pixl Transition program to ensure that missed learning is prioritised when children return to school after the Covid-19 pandemic
  • To follow the Pixl program of assessment and therapies
  • To hold regular Pupil Progress meetings and to track the attainment of all children throughout the school
  • To ensure that teacher expectations remain high for all pupils
  • To improve outcomes for all children

6. To ensure that the full Primary Curriculum meets the needs of all children at Browick Road Primary School

  • To deliver a Recovery Curriculum when children return to school after the Covid-19 pandemic
  • To ensure that all teachers are increasingly familiar with the New Ofsted Frameworks (September 2019) and any documentation released in the autumn term regarding Ofsted visits
  • To continue to develop the Primary Curriculum & provide staff development when necessary
  • To fully implement the new PSHE (including RSE) curriculum
  • To implement the new RE Syllabus (NCC)
  • To audit provision in light of the new Ofsted Framework and the school’s vision statement
  • For Subject Leaders to produce updated Subject Leader Reports which reflect the New Ofsted Framework and to share these with the SLT and Governors
  • To introduce the new EYFS profile handbook
  • To complete statutory assessments when required to do so (new timetable)
  • To further develop writing strategies across the school (probably a separate target)

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School Administrator: Miss Paula Bilverstone

SENCO: Corrina Peachment